Huy Fong Foods Inc., Sriracha Sauce Campaign Erica cruz, Katherine hayden and liz Karcewski

The Journey

The blissful David Tran
  • 1975: David Tran, his bicycle and a humble dream
  • The Huey Fong: Vietnam to Los Angeles
  • Product line expansion
  • 288,000 Sriracha bottles a day and not one cent spent on advertising

Cultural Fuel

With today’s technology we have the ability to know exactly what events and trends are occurring in nearly any part of the world. Whether you’re a first generation American citizen or most of your lineage is from the U.S., we are all part of this melting pot. From Facebook “Tasty Made” videos to food trucks to entire festivals dedicated to a certain food, our society is rampant with the passion and variety of food. Food brings us together for dinner on Sunday nights, food helps cultural tradition live on. Food is what we look forward to everyday, what picks us up when we’re down. Food now lives in an entirely new, more important, fun, and exciting niche in our world. Above all, as humans, we have a need to feel connected to others. Food tells stories of where we’ve been. It’s these stories that bring us together, help us understand one another and see from a different perspective.

MARCOM Purpose

  • Primarily: Sriracha = go-to sauce to add on top of any meal, not limited to Asian cuisines = flavorful chili sauce that adds excitement to any meal and can be shared with anyone, no matter what they’re eating or who they are = connects different cultures, foods and friends
  • Secondarily: reconnect the Huy Fong Foods brand name to the current reputation Sriracha has gained.

Target Audience

  • 18-28-year-old men and women
  • Presence on social media/aware of trends
  • Adventurous

Target Persona

  • This is May:
  • College grad; did many extracurriculars at her university; gained a craving for learning about different cultures, perspectives and people; maintains this curiosity today
  • Proud owner of her first apartment in Philly but nervous as heck about her first real job
  • Spends work commute checking multiple different news outlets and social media; connects largely through Snapchat
  • Hardworking, extroverted, optimistic in and outside of the workplace, but sometimes has a hard time connecting with those who are starkly different than her
  • Adventurous and LOVES food; finds foodie inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook, ect.
  • Enjoys being as healthy as her entry-level budget allows
  • Master of making fun meals on the cheap, BUT flavors can often fall flat since the freshest ingredients tend to be the most expensive
  • Always busy between her job, keeping her roommates calm, socializing, and exploring the new, intimidating city
  • Though she's an "adult" now, some nights she still settles with mundane Ramen Noodles and suffers through the dull. Sriracha would be the perfect solution to all of May’s food and social struggles big or small. Sriracha is the sauce that doesn’t just add heat, but flavor too, making any dish a tasty explosion and bringing her coworkers and roommates to an understanding within their groups.

Consumer Insight

  • Busy and on-the-go
  • Tight budget, looking for alternatives to spice up their low-cost, bland meals
  • Present on social media and always up to date on what's trending
  • Passionate about foods and cultures around the world; never afraid to try new flavors
  • Aware of the hype surrounding Sriracha
  • Seeing Sriracha in DIY videos=increased use and curiosity of product
  • Regardless of current place Sriracha holds in their lives, all consumers are searching for something to brighten up their low-budget dishes

Communication Problems

  1. Some consumers only see Sriracha as an Asian hot sauce that is only limited to using it on Asian foods.
  2. Consumers don’t see what sets Sriracha apart from other hot sauce brands with similar flavors and ingredients.
  3. Consumers don’t know the name “Huy Fong Foods” and only know Sriracha as “The Rooster Sauce with the green cap”


  1. Primary: leading hot sauces = Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot, and Cholula
  2. Secondary: big name go-to condiments like ketchup, mustard, and chili flakes.

The Bottom Line

Focus of Sale: To convince our target audience that Sriracha is a condiment that can be used on any type of dish and across cultures, not just Asian cuisine.

Support: Sriracha produces 288,000 bottles a day. It's been utilized by many restaurants like Wendy's and Starbucks. Their success has mainly accumulated due to the advertising done by consumers and crazed Sriracha fans alike. A variety of people have connected with the product and have thus advertised it in different ways, making it their own by adding it to a variety of different dishes.

Tone and Manner: Bright, impactful, fun, and new! Additionally: Inviting and inclusive tones in an exciting manner.

Brand Personality: Huy Fong Foods a humble, passionate brand with simplicity at its core. The recipe may be old, but it is continuing to innovate how food can be created and enjoyed.

Video Advertisement (TV, YouTube, Facebook and others) Storyboard

Print Advertisements

Print Ad #1
Print ad #2

Ambient Advertisements

Ambient Ad

Ambient Advertisement: This ambient advertisement will be placed in any public bus transportations and subways. Stickers of the Sriracha Bottle will be placed on the poles that people hold on to. Our target audience is men and women 18-28 and many have to use public transportation for their jobs.

Social Media #1: #PassTheSauce

Twitter will be used to allow people to share their own personal experiences with Sriracha including photos of the different types foods and meals throughout the day they put the sauce on. Twitter will be used to create a fun environment for Huy Fong fans to share their ideas, saucy moments, along with pop culture references to the sauce. By using the #Passthesauce encourages users to pass along their ideas and share them with the Sriracha loving community.

Social Media #1: #PassTheSauce
Social Media #2

Social Media #2: Huy Fong Recipes

Instagram will be used for people to look to for recipes and use this page as a reference for ideas on how to incorporate Hoy Fong products into their cooking. The page will include links to recipes along with videos showing how to make certain dishes. We will continue using the #passthesauce hash tag if people want to share their creations that the page inspired them to make as well.


For our first Non-Traditional piece we created an app, Srira-CHATS. It acts as a Sriracha fan forum. With Srira-CHATS users will post recipes and photos of their favorite foods they pair or integrate Sriracha sauce with. Additionally, it will expand the Sriracha community and its enthusiasm.


“Your Table”: This first page will act as the user’s main newsfeed. Each recipe post will identify the store or market the ingredients were bought at. The posts that appear on “[Their] Table” will only be ones connected with the grocery store they select in the “Farms” page. “Your Table” has two filters: “New” for the most recent recipes posted and “Hot” for the highest rated recipes. Users can rate each recipe on a scale of 1-3 flames. If users have a question about the recipe, they can tap “Ask it” to send a direct message to the user who posted it. If a user really enjoys a recipe, they can tap “Pass it” to get the option to share it on social media, send it in an email or add it to a text message.


"Flocks": The “Flocks” page will allow users to have conversations with up to 9 other users and to personalize the name of each groupchat. With “Flocks,” users’ passion for Sriracha will flourish as they share their thoughts, ideas and opinions about all things food and Sriracha!


"Farms": This page is where users will set what they want to see on their “Table.” Users can search “farms” i.e. grocery stores and markets and add them to “My Farms.” All recipes posted on the user’s table will contain ingredients from the stores listed under “My Farms.” Users also have the option to narrow their selection to just one of “[Their] Farms.” To further human and cultural connection, there will also be an option to see posts/recipes from the most popular local grocery stores and the most popular grocery stores worldwide.


Me: This is the profile page of the user, on which they can add a short bio and their favorite recipes. For every user, Srira-CHATS will calculate the average number of flames they get for their recipe posts. Users can see all of their posts in the My Srira-CHATS tab within this page. To view any direct questions from other users about their specific recipes and recent ratings of their recipes, users can go to the “Notification” tab.

Non-Traditional #2: Snapchat Filter Interactive Game

This snapchat filter is interactive and works as a game too. The object is to aim your Sriracha sauce and hit every food falling down the screen. There are different meals, but Sriracha tastes great with each of them! There’s a bonus 2 points if you get a Golden Rooster!

Line Extension #1: Sriracha Utensils

Line Extension #2: “Reuse the Rooster” Reusable Grocery Bags

In-Store Advertisements

In-store Advertisement & Promotion #1: Coupon Dispenser

Promotion #2: Huy Fong Instagram Sponsored Ad

Promotion #3: National Hot Sauce Day Promo

This promotion will run during the week of National Hot Sauce Day: January 22, 2018. The promotion is buy any 3 Huy Fong products for just $5--”3 For $5.”

Promotion #4: “4 Bottles for 1 Reusable Grocery Bag”


Created with images by Hans - "chili red sharp" • Dharmit Shah - "Bicycle" • HendoBe - "frankfurt city frankfurt am main germany" • Unsplash - "furniture table chair" • nan palmero - "Rustic Table" • TheAndrasBarta - "world europe map"

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