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Flag of Spain

Spain fue known as the "Antiguo Pit Stop" because it was the highlight area of the path trail. España was a great place to repair damage on ships and boats. Many people parar in Spain recargar on food and trade with others.


Iberos, from Africa, habitado the Oriental land of Spain while the Celtas took the Western part. The Celtiberos were the first group of people who actually historically habitado Spain.

Map of Spain

Roma was constantly expanding or growing. Because of its strong militar, the country expanded and took over. They matar everyone in their sight instead of making allies. Unfortunately, in 409 AD, the Roman Empire derrumbarse. As a result, Segovia and Merida took the remains of the Roman buildings.


In 711 AD, Arabs, Berbers, and Syrians from North Africa invadir the peninsula. They sufrir from religious freedom so they mover to Spain to escape. They defeated the Visigoth Kingdoms and conquistar nearly all of the peninsula.

Cordoba was the largest ciudad in Oeste Europe in the 10th century. It was the center of the world's wealthiest and most cultured country. El país was under the rule of Abderraman from 929-961 AD.


The La Reconquista was a continual fight between Christian kingdoms in the north of the peninsula and the Muslims who controlled the South. Santiago: known for war cry "matamoros" Mata = kill Moros = Muslims. If you didn't follow the work of Jesus, you were considerar evil or bad.

La Reconquista

In 1469, Fernando of Aragon and Queen Isabel of Castilla got casado. They ended the Reconquista when they derrotado the Moors in Granada in 1492.

Fernando and Isabel

In 1492, all Muslims remaining in Spain were forced to leave or convert to Christianity. In 1502, all Jews must leave or convert to Christianity. If the people choose not to convert...atormentado them until they confessed or put them on trial and later execute/burn them.

The Spanish Inquisition

Just like today, oro diggers used to marry for money and power. Juana, the daughter of Fernando and Isabel, is an example of a gold digger. She was known as "La Loca" because she married Felipe from the Habsburg.

Carlos I was the son of Juana and Felipe el Hermoso. He let power go to his head and declarado himself the Emperor of the Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico. He later cambiar his name to Charles V of Austria/Germany.

In 1554, Felipe II married Mary Tudor of England to try to create an internacional Catholic alliance. Elizabeth I then came into poder in England. Later, in 1588, Spain's Invincible Armada was defeated by England.

La Leyenda Negra = The Black Legend. Way of England and Portugal's way of getting back at Spain.

El Greco = a painter from Greece. Real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos. Usado to Spain in search for work in the decoración of El Escorial. Felipe II odiar the style and didn't hire him so he moved to Toledo and made lots of money. He pintar pictures making fun of Felipe and his power.

a painting by Domenikos Theotokopoulos

After Felipe II dies, his son named Felipe IV tomó the throne from 1621-1665. He reigns over one of the rico cultural periods in Spanish history. This was known as the Siglo de Oro, or the golden age.

Siglo de Oro was a big time for literatura, drama, and arte. One example of of literature was Don Quixote. This was traducir into almost as many languages as the Biblia was. Because Carlos II was loco no woman wanted to marry him or have kids with him, so the throne was empty when he died.

Because there was no heir, war broke out. This war ended in 1713 when Spain lost Gibraltar to the English. Felipe V, the Bourbon grandson of Louis XLV became the king of Spain. The Bourbon family still remains the real family in Spain today.

On May 2, 1808, Madrid began the War of Spanish Independence. In 1812, Joseph Bonaparte was eliminado from the throne of Spain. During this time, America ganar independencia, including the Constitution.


The country of Spain is divided on the issue of having a female as a ruler. Many aficionados of Fernando's brother fight for Isabel's power and she ended up serving from 1833 to 1868. She was removed from power in 1868 by the "Glorious Revolution" The first Spanish Republic only lasted from 1873 to 1874.

The Bourbons shortly return to the throne, from Alfonso XLL to his son Alfonso XLLL. Alfonso XLLL allowed a military general to establish a dictadura from 1923-1931. This was unable to solve the problems of the country, though.

The Second Republic of Spain was established in 1931. This allowed women the right to vote, allowed divorcio, separated the Church from the State, and created public schools. This was a problem because many people thought that there were too many changes going on.

General Franciso Franco staged a military revolt in 1936, that began the Civil War. War ended in 1939, with Franco's forces winning. He was very strict and people had to ask to broadcast something before doing so.

Juan Carlos declares democracy in Spain. In 1978, Suarez is elected and in the 80's, Felipe Gonzalez led Spain out of isolation. In 2004, Islamic fundamentalist terrorists bombed several commuter trains and killed almost 200 people. After the attack, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero became the new Prime Minister of Spain.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero


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