Language Writing Assignment By George sojourner

Lesson 1

We continued keyboarding with the home row keys while they were covered and i believe that it was easier to type with the keys covered.

Lesson 2

What makes a good employee is loyalty, which means you stay true to your word and you follow instructions. Another thing that makes a good employee is responsibility. If you are responsible people will look up to you more. If you are responsible you do your work and turn it in. Basically, you're on top of everything and you can get things finished. What a good employee has is quickness and precision. If you are quick and precise, you can get things done much faster, which companies/ people like. Finally, something that makes a good employee is enthusiasm. When you have enthusiasm you can brighten everybody's mood because your enthusiasm rubs off on others which, can make your day go faster and better.

Lesson 3

Some of the parts of a URL are, the name, URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Another part is its protocol, which is basically the https//. Another part of a URL is a subdomain such as www. In a URL there is something called a domain, which is used to identify certain webpages, such as, the is the domain.

Lesson 4

A URL extension is like a higher level of a domain name such as .com or .net. In 1984 the IANA came up with the original 6 extensions which were, .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .org, and .net. Originally .com was intended to be for a specific reason but nowadays it's so mainstream everybody uses it for any unintended purpose.

Lesson 5

The three areas that must have notes on are, first, the column of the paper. At the the left of the paper you draw a line about 2 inches away from the side of the paper. You will put your cue words and vocab. Another place on the Cornell notes is after the column on the right. This is where the actual notes will be, according to the cued words on the left. Basically, you write about whatever words you put on the left here. Finally, the summary. The summary is what you learned overall during the notes. It is also about the concept of the notes and what the main purpose was.

Lesson 6

I really don't have a problem with any of the keys. I feel the only keys that get me would be the very bottom row of keys. I don't know why, maybe its because its lower than every other key, but its only the bottom row that gives me problems sometimes.

Lesson 7

It is important to try hard every day because, it will give you better grades and you want better grades so you can get good jobs. School is very important. Your grades can decide your future. The better the grades the more things you are eligible for, like a good college or a career you want.

Lesson 8

The most irritating and hardest keys for me are the ones in the bottom row especially letter C and letter M. I don't know why they are more challenging than others. Maybe it is like that because we type mostly on the middle and top rows.

Lesson 9 a

When you program it is important not to type in capitalized letters because, computers will get confused if you use capitals. Computers can only respond the way you want only if it is all lower cased. A Syntax is a way you arrange words or commands such as name.command();. this is the basis for programs. You want to put their name first in lower case and then the command in lower case.

Lesson 9 b

The errors that come up in JavaScript are things like, error this command doesn't exist. Errors pop up when you enter a command wrong. The errors are called bugs so if something goes wrong in your program, either you entered something wrong or you have a bug some where.

Lesson 10

The most difficult things in JavaScript for me is the console.log's and the if/else statements. It gets confusing and sometimes i have to ask for help. There is a lot of syntax errors you can get if you misplace things in JavaScript. I think if i practice a bit more i will not have to ask for help so frequently.

Lesson 12

The different forms of format we used for the spelling list were things like changing the indent and using tab. We changed it so it would justify and be aligned with each other. Another thing we did was change the margin if we had to.

Lesson 13

There are many different corrections. Some common and some uncommon. They include capitalize, underline, bold/unbold, etc. When you run into a correction, all you do is chaange the text as specified.

Lesson 14

A cover letter is important for getting a job. We use cover letters to tell the people we are talking to about us and what we can bring to the table. It consists of your email, phone number, your name, where you live, and the letter itself. A cover letter is a really good way to make the impression you are a hard worker or whatever you want them to know about you.

Lesson 15

The purpose of a resume is to show what you have done or where you worked at. It gives the people who would hire you an idea of your smarts and education. It is important to have good grades because you can put all the good things under your resume such as GPA, degree, your previous jobs, etc.

Lesson 16

Proofreading a resume of cover letter is extremely important so you don't have any mistakes and/or false information. Spelling is a very big part in resumes and cover letters, so it is good to proofread. Proof reading is also helpful because in grows your skills in making sure things are right. Also, when you proofread you can make things sound better and more professional.

Lesson 17

There are many different homophones, one example is there and their. Homophones are two words that sound the same but have different meanings. Another example is your and you're. Homophones can be really confusing at times. Especially when writing or typing.

Lesson 18


Lesson 19

Ms Word could have built in styles to change your writing and to make it creative. I think it is really neat that they have different styles so people can express themselves in many ways. Also, it would be boring to write in the same style for every paper.

Lesson 20

First of all, one difference is the page layout. Another one is, word is used for letters and applications etc. While excel is used for analyzing data and building good charts.

Lesson 21

The purpose of a pie chart is to show percentages and proportional data on a graph. It compares the data by size, so it is obvious to tell which percentage is bigger.

Lesson 22

To add text to a power point you have to click in a text box on each slide and proceed to type what you want. To add pictures you can make a content slide and it gives you options to add all types of things including pictures

Lesson 23

I did not have a hard history. I was born in Hollywood, CA. i moved to TX around kindergarten. I stayed in Texas until my 3rd grade year, after 3rd grade I moved to CA again. I stayed in California until the middle of my 9th grade year then, I moved back to Texas. I have stayed in Texas from the middle of 9th to Present.

Lesson 24

The point of transitions is to change slides in power point. You can make transitions flashy or simple.

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