All Saints CE Primary School 2nd October 2020 Newsletter

A Message From Mrs Palmer

How can it be October already? We are flying through the Autumn Term and the children have continued to impress us with their resilience and adaptability. We are all very used to our new routines now and the children are settling well into their new classes. When I reflect on the incredibly strange year we have had, I am struck by how very lucky we are to be surrounded by our fabulous school family. Our staff, pupils, local community and church have all supported each other and continue to be there to ensure that school is a positive, safe place. All Saints really is a place to be proud of.

I hope you enjoy seeing what we have been up to this month - it has been so busy, but also so special to have us all back together again! Thank you for your ongoing support- it means the world to us all!

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Little Acorns

Our youngest All Saints' Superstars are now full time in school and are doing incredibly well. Miss Carte and Miss Fraser are so impressed with the way the Little Acorns have settled into school life and are loving getting to know all of the individual personalities. They are already showing super manners, good friendships and team work as they get to grips with lots of new learning through play.

Miss Carte's class were very busy this week looking at "The Wheels on the Bus". They have based lots of activities on the song and book. They even set up a little town in the hall and role played some road safety. Lots of fabulous learning!

Miss Fraser's class have been looking at the rhyme, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" as their theme for the week. They have been looking at patterns and art, maths and some rocket word building! I was super impressed to see that they have even been sorting light sources in science! Amazing work!

Hello Yellow!

On Friday 9th October we are coming together to support Hello Yellow, which is a charity which focuses on young people's mental health. On Friday we invite the children to swap an item of their uniform for something yellow or to add a yellow accessory, in exchange for a suggested donation of £1.

Visit https://youngminds.org.uk/about-us/who-we-are/ to find out more about this incredible charity.


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Lots has been updated including information on our curriculum and class pages.

Parents Evening

Parents' Evening will take place on November 10th and 12th from 4p.m - 7p.m. A letter will be sent out after half term for appointments to be made. Due to current restrictions and concerns about our internet connection coping at school, we will be having these conversations over the phone. We thank you for your understanding this year and hope to be back to normal by the spring!

School Photos

School photos will be taken in school on Monday 26th October. Due to the current restrictions of visitors in school, the photographer will be taking individual pictures and pictures with siblings in school only. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite in siblings who are below school age this year. Please put the date in your calendar as a reminder to look super smart! :)

Seasonal Flu Vaccine/Nasal Spray

You should have all received a letter regarding the Seasonal Flu Vaccination/Nasal Spray. Each vaccination letter contains information about the vaccination and links to relevant NHS websites.

The letter will also have a web link to the www.leicsandrutlandimms.co.uk site for online consent, as well our school unique code: LE144113

WOW- so many birthdays to celebrate before the next newsletter!

Happy Birthday this time goes to...

Olivia, Ava, Safaree, Olivia, Ollie and George in Little Acorns

Joseph, Millan, Esme, Bailey and Mollie in Year 1.

Nya, Gingey, Roman, Reggie, Oliver, Kaylen, Bonnie and Sofia in Year 2

Darcie-Rose, Liam, Lexi and Austin in Year 3

Zachariah and Lennie in Year 4

Milo, Esme, Piper and Alexander in Year 5

Freddie, Harry, Alice and Freya in Year 6

We hope you have a lovely day!


This is normally the time of year where we would all gather in Church to give thanks for the lovely food we have. Our classes would join together and, along with our community, we would celebrate Harvest and give back to those in need. Obviously we will miss out on that special occasion this year but we would still like to help our wider community by supporting our local foodbank. The Foodbank are desperately in need of the following items:

small packs of nappies (size 4-6), shower gel (<250-300 ml), shampoo (250-300 ml), cereal - extra large (26+ portions), veg carrots - tinned medium (300 g), veg tinned - large (325 g+), meat cold tinned (ham/corned beef) , sponge pudding - standard (300 g), biscuits - large (400 g+), instant coffee - small (100 g) , instant drinking chocolate (made with water), long life fruit juice (not chilled), powdered milk (340 - 450 g), instant mash (180 g), rice - small (up to 500 g), snacks tinned (400 g), jam, instant snack noodles, pasta snacks – packets, deodorant (male & female), shaving foam, tin openers, washing powder (small) ,sugar (500 g only please) and instant custard (made with water)

Over this following week, October 5th-9th, we would be extremely grateful if each child could bring in a donation for Hinckley Food Bank, which we will then forward to those in need. Thank You.


Walk, Scoot and Ride!

All Saints is taking part in the Leicestershire Active Travel Month which aims to increase the number of children travelling to school by walking, cycling and scooting. Actively travelling to school has many benefits for your child: it helps keep them fit and healthy, can increase concentration levels in class, helps to develop road safety skills and is fun. Reducing the number of cars around the school will also help to make the area quieter, safer, cleaner and less congested.

To encourage as many families as possible to actively travel to school we will be holding a special Active Travel to School Month during October with each week having a different active travel focus;

Week 1 W/C 5th October – Walking week

Week 2 W/C 12th October – Cycling week

Week 3 W/C 19th October – Half term week, explore your local green spaces

Week 4 W/C 26th October – Scooter week

Each class will have an active travel wall chart to record how pupils are travelling to school during the month.

If you aren’t able to travel actively all the way from home you can still take part by parking a distance from the school (e.g. 10 minutes away) and walking, cycling or scooting the rest. Please make sure your child's bike and scooter is safe to ride to school and you park in a safe and appropriate place.

Healthy Eating

This academic year we are trying to form some healthier habits in school. Whilst we encourage children to have a snack at break time, can we ask that this is not crisps, chocolate or sweets. Fruit is free for every KS1 child and KS2 children are welcome to bring in a piece of fruit, cheese strings, cereal bars etc that are chocolate free or any other healthy snack as long as this does not contain nuts. Don't forget water bottles too! Thank you.

Join our Team

We are looking to add another member of staff to our team. Please find details of the LSA position on our website https://www.allsaintssapcote.com/vacancies/

Next Year...


Our before and after school club, provided by Conkers is running. Conkers have put lots in place to ensure children remain safely in "bubbles". More information is below.

Teacher Training with us through TELA