Programming My Vex IQ By: SulemAn Khan

Basic Movements

Day 1

Today all my partners and I are going to complete our programs for challenge one. Then we are going to test out our programs to see where we need modifications.

Today we successfully completed our first challenge. We programed our bot to make it move forward. We started a little on our second challenge too.

Day 2

We are going to complete the 2nd challenge programs today. Then we will test and see if we did the programs right.

Today we didn't completed the second challenge. We programmed our bot some, and were able to make the bot turn, but the bot didn't turn at the right times, and it didn't turn at the right angles.

Day 3

Today we plan on finishing the second challenge. We will successfully program our bot to turn at the right time, and the right degrees.

Today we worked on our second challenge, and got half way finished. We had difficulties in getting the right number for the degrees value, but we eventually started getting it.

Day 4

For today our goal is to finish the second challenge. We were able to get half done yesterday, so today we will get the other half. If we finish with time left ,we will go back and program the parts that weren't as clear or good.

Today we got most of our programming done for the second challenge. We were able to make the bot go around the second tape out of the 3. We didn't reach our goal, but we are on a good pace.

Day 5

Today we plan on programming our bot to COMPLETE the second challenge. Once we finish, then we will move on to our third challenge.

Today we finished the second challenge COMPLETLY. We were able to make it around every tape, and got our video.


Day 6

Today we are going to work on challenge 3. We will watch some of the intro videos to learn about the programs. Our goal isn't to finish it, but to program our bot to complete maybe around 1/3 of the challenge.

We started our 3rd challenge, and we got about half of it done. We programmed our bot to bring down the claw and then move forward. We got more than we expected to get done which is good.

Day 7

Today our goal is to COMPLETE the third challenge. We finished 1/2 yesterday, so now we will have to complete the other half. We need to program our bot to grab the bottle, that's what we have been having difficulties with. Once we do that then we can move on.

We finally completed the 3rd challenge. Then we moved on to the 4th one. We got a little part of the programs done, and we watched the intro videos.

Day 8

Today we will work on our 4th challenge. Our goal is to get at least half of it done, but we are having some difficulties in programming our bot to do what we want.

Today we got more than we expected to get done. We were able to program our bot to complete the entire 4th challenge. We started looking at the 5th challenge as well.

Day 9

Today we will start on our 5th challenge. Our goal is to get about half done. We want to start watching the videos and get an idea of how to do this challenge.

We started our 5th challenge today. We didn't get too much done. We saw some of the videos and just started our programs.

Day 10

Today, our goal is to get about half or so done. We want to watch all the introduction videos, and get about half of the programs done, and run a few tests.

Today we got what we wanted to get done today. We got about half of the programming done, and watched all the instructional videos. We keep on having difficulties where our bot just keeps on spinning, and it doesn't move.

Day 11

Today we are planning on getting the 5th challenge done. Our goal is to finish our programs, then we want to fix up our Spark Pages.

Today we got a lot done. We were finally able to finish out 5th challenge, by overcoming our problem of our bot just spinning, and not moving.

Day 12

Today we plan on starting the 6th challenge. Our goal is to get an idea of the challenge and start programming.

We got what we wanted to get done today. We watched intro videos, and saw the intro videos. We also started programming a little.

Day 13

Today we plan on completing the 6th challenge. Last time we got a little done and started. We also want to catch up on Spark Page.

Today we got everything on our think done. We completed the entire 6th challenge, and worked on our Spark Pages.

Program Flow

Day 14

Today we are going to start the 7th challenge. We plan on getting an idea of the challenge, watch intro videos, then getting about half or so done.

Today we watched the videos, and started our programming. We were stuck on what to do for a while, but we figured it out. We got about 1/4th of the challenge done.

Day 15

Today our goal is to complete the 7th challenge. We want to be able to complete it, so we can move onto our 8th challenge. We also have a deadline coming.

Today we didn't really get anything done. We worked on our programs, and a lot on our Spark Pages.

Day 16

Today we want to finish the 7th challenge. We have been stuck on this challenge for a couple days, so we would like to finish it and move on.

So we again didn't get anything done. We have been having difficulties with the programming, hopefully we will figure it out soon.

Day 17

Today we HAVE to finish the 7th challenge. We have been stuck on it too long. It's time to FINISH it. We also would like to start the next challenge, because we don't have a lot of time.

We got a lot done today. We were so close to finishing the challenge. We got our programs we just have to run it.

Day 18

Today we plan on completely finishing the loops challenge. We also want to touch up our Spark Pages. Then we want to start the next challenge. Our goal is to get about half of that challenge done.

Today we got a little on of done. We completed the loops challenge and got about half of the other 8th challenge. We had difficulties in the loops challenge with the location of the color sensor, but I figured it out and attached it to the side.

Day 19

Today my partners and I want to get about half of the 8th challenge done. We also want to start finishing our spark pages, because we are behind on that.

We got exactly what was on our think done today. We were just having difficulties with the programming for this challenge. We were having difficulty with the if and else.

Day 20

We want to finish the 8th challenge today so we can start the last one. We got most of it. Done yesterday, we just need to touch it up and make some tweaks.

We worked pretty hard today, built we still didn't finish the 8th challenge. We got very close, but keep having difficulties. We will probably be done tomorrow.

Day 21

Today, me and my partners want to finish the 8th challenge. We want also get started on the last one. Our bot hasn't been doing what we have beenprogramming so we have been having difficulties.

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