dr. Robet H. goddard inventor of the rocket

1. he was born on October 5, 1882, in worcester MA.

2.He had 215 patented inventions.

3. he invented the rocket while trying to mix chemicals and fuel together

4. later in life he also invented the multi-stage rocket

5.the press actually ridiculed his ideas and thought they were impossible.

this was the first multi-stage rocket most of them only went 1.6 miles high.

these are the interesting facts.

1. the invention actually at one point went up to 550 miles per hour.

2.it went exactly 6,728 feet per second.

3.most of the fuel was made of gunpowder.

4.he tested ion fuel tanks.

5.he tested the fuel tanks tom the atmospheric pressure.

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Jonathan Allen


Created with images by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - "Dr. Robert Goddard"

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