The Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum of Art Kayla Buch

Design of the museum

The Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection beautiful in its design and arrangement of art. Visitors are led to the Contemporary Collection room by a spacious promenade, bright from the sunlight that shines through its many windows. In the wing itself, pieces of art are displayed simply on white walls or pedestals. Despite the simplicity, the clean, classic design really lets the art speak for itself. Although I would typically argue that natural light is superior, the Contemporary Collection room was lit by soft white overhead lights. A blue trail of star shaped lights elegantly lined the left wall. The combination of gentle lighting and simple backdrop made the visitor feel quite small and immersed in the art that took center stage.

TEchnique of the Artist

Central Park Winter

The piece of art that I found striking was the Central Park Winter by the German born artist Emil Ganso. I can confidently say that pictures of this piece do it no justice. Ganso's oil painting was created using the technique of varying the pressure of brush strokes throughout the work. One can feel the heaviness of the snow, frailness of the top tree branches, and roughness of the path all by the variations in brush strokes by the artist. I was so impressed by how much this picture made me feel like I were looking at a real winter in Central Park. Ganso successfully replicated the beautiful New York winter.

ARt And Core Values


Funeral by Stuart Robert Purser, an artist that specialized in depicting basic human experiences, shows an image of a casket being laid into the ground. People, who I interpreted as friends and family, surround the casket, observe the ceremony, and morn the loss of a loved one. A gloomy skyline and far away mountains set the mood of the scene. Loss and sorrow effect us more than we sometimes realize. While viewing Purser's work, not only was I filled with these emotions, but I also felt the sense of community in the scene. Friends, family, and townspeople have come to pay their respects to a lost companion. The artist really threw my emotions into the work by painting the scene as though the viewer is there in the painting, and observing the burial just like everyone else. This painting reinforces by belief in community and the fact that even through tough times, the relationships you've made around you will help guide you in the right direction.

Art and the good life

Midtown Composite

The piece of art that I felt represented the Good Life theme the best was Midtown Composite by the American artist Yvonne Jacquette. Although the poor picture quality does this woodcut work no justice, I believe this nighttime New York City landscape is a representation of the luxurious American dream and the hardworking people that accompany it. New York City is the cliche location for the hardworking and successful of the United States. Every day, millions of people seek opportunities and work their hardest to provide success, security, and leisure for themselves and their families. In my opinion, that struggle to find their ideal place in life is their way of seeking, embodying, and celebrating the good life. This has me appreciate that the journey to the good life is sought after every day, without most people realizing it. Whether motivation to find the good life is greed, need, security, or safety, I feel that anyone can relate to the goal of an eventual steady success. Without realizing it, Jacquette created more than just a beautiful skyline. She created a picture of the beauty of American success and inspiration to strive to that level of success.

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