Cattle and the American Conquest

Cattle might seem like lazy animals that could have nothing to do with the conquest and development of the United States, but they are one of the main reasons that America exists.

Cattle are not intelligent animals but can produce 2000 pounds of meat, make milk and supply leather. They also provided medicines, soap and glue to the Europeans.

If it weren't for cattle, Europeans would most likely have never discovered America and conquered the Americas.

Cattle, in Europe, assisted in the growth of agriculture by pulling plows. This provided free time for the development of special skills and new ideas. Some of these ideas helping Europeans build boats and find their way to America. Upon arriving in America, cattle easily spread diseases like Ecoli and Salmonella through the Americas. The Europeans become immune to these diseases over time but the Native American had no immuinty and died in large numbers.
Originally, only a few cattle brought to the Americans by the Europeans. Now there are 98.4 million cattle in the United States alone.

Cattle helped Europeans discover and thrive in the Americas. Cattle continue to be an important food source today across the world. So this lazy, not intelligent animal is actually critically important to the conquest and development of the Americas.

My sources are: Hoffman, M. Peter. "Cattle." World Book Student, World Book, 2017, Accessed 21 Apr. 2017. Images from image quest.

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