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Causes of The French Revolution

There were many problems in the French Society that led to a revolution, problems such as a poor leader who was shy, droughts and harsh winter conditions came along and there was inequality in France among the 3 estates.

These problems caused an uproar among the people of France which led to successful Storming of Bastille, th beheading of King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, the meeting of the Estate Generals nod thr improvenment of equality amongst the people of France.

French Revolution & Napoleon

The French Revolution was a success in France which was a shock to other European countries. The fall of the monarchy was a concerning to other countries such as Russia and Prussia since France had such a powerful monarchy.

Napoleon was thought of a great leader in France because he made France stronger, boosted its economy and helped the citizens pride and nationalism throughout France. Other countries did not see it this way because they thought that Napoleoon would take their power and land.

Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror was a series of accusations, trials, and execuations that has given the Revolution power to control France and ruin the current monarchy.

The Reign of Terror was a huge success because of its rapid change in France that had already disrupted the way of living before it happened because of the French Revolution. Adding the Reign of a Terror made it seem more difficult to overcome he uprising of people who supported the revolution. People who did not support the revolution were sentenced to execution by guillotine.

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