Abandoned inheritage Old buildings of kyiv are sold to private owners in a very mysterious ways

Taras Holota is a member of Historical society. He participates in this group for almost three years. It all started when he got interested in the history of Kyiv. Soon after that came simple understanding that if you want to keep the history of Kyiv for the public - do not let anyone to make it private.

Old buildings of the capital - crucial part of the inheratage Taras wants to save so hardly.

Taras Holota (photo by Mariya Kapinos)

He talks about certain places in Kyiv future of which worries him the most.

There are a couple of buildings floating on the air. Those are famous highlight of Kyiv, but have questionable owners or suspicious documentation. One of such is on Illinska crossroads. it is said the building is for sale but noone responds by the number on the sign. And there are no info about the building in Bureau of technical inventarization. There are no information about this land parcel in the cadasrtrial map. Only the request to Kyiv administration helps - the owner of the building is wife of ex-major of Uzhnoukrainsk. And there are no way we could find what exactly the owner is planning to do with the historical inheritage of Kyiv and even Ukraine.

Abandoned building on Illinska, 14.

The same problem is with House with snakes (Zhytomirska, 32)

House with snakes (photo by Mariya Kapinos)

There are a sigh that says this building is for sale. It appears to be the oner can be easily found - you just need to call by the nubbier written on the front. The owner (name cannot be mentioned) explains that he bought this property on the auction and has no intent of keeping it. He is willing to sell the building for $4 000 000. And temporary there are his six workers living there. Man explains: this place is good as an office but nothing more. The building is very old and it will take quite amount of money to bring it into better shape.

There were sent plenty of requests to Kyiv Administration to find out about other historical sightseeing and their further destiny. One of them is very interesting in particular.

Responses came in a very strange order. They gave me info on only one building.

Pedro Panteleev, assistant of Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitscko explained that In February 2016 Kyiv Major Vitalyi Klitcsho announced inventerization of old buildings in Kyiv. Some buildings will be returned to the state ownership, some carried as historical property. But the truth is even Kyiv Administration faces up the fact sometimes even they have no particular information on certain buildings.

Pedro says, they have plans to reconstruct buildings in Schecavitka, 19/33, Andriivskyi Uzviv, 26 and Verhnyi Val, 28/12(A). But there are also buildings Kyiv Administration cannot figure out the owners. We have situations we know who the owner is, but we simply cannot proof that. But me and my stuff are actively working on that. We are working with city cadaster to deal with the problem.

Abandoned building on Verhnyi Val (28/12(А). Photo by Mariya Kapinos

"The most problematic building is on Velika Vasil`kivska, 38. It takes a lot om money but soon we will start to recreate this structure and to bring it to a better shape. The plan is already established. It is not ok – to have erections like that in the capital of the country" - says Member of the Parliament.

To figure this out I decided to go to the main department of protection of cultural heritage.

I gave to Niloriak Olexander (head of inspection department) a list of buildings I am interested in:I gave him a list of buildings I am interested in: Volos`ka 5/4, Velika Zhitomirska, 26, Naberezhno-Khreschatitska, 10-a and Kirilivska, 35.

He instantly remembered of the building on Voloska 5/14.

Can we talk about one building in particular on Voloska 5/14?

"Last time we checked on this building in 2014. The act of violation was send many times but it was returned every time. Currently we cannot address the complain to a certain person. We simply don't know who the owner is.

"The building on the crossroads of Voloska, Borisohlibska and Naberezhno-Chreschatits`ka? (officially – Voloska 2/21/19) "It is in alarm condition. Some apartments belong to certain people but the building in general is on our balance"

But there one one website where you can get additional information if correctly form the question

Watching the text below you could see the document says Kyiv Podil administration has no information on the owners.

Taras Holota says – very often documents on buildings go missing in two cases: someone wants to buy a building or the owner is too famous.

In the end, trying to figure our the owner, we simply cannot do that. In the same time old buildings of Kyiv became a private property of MP or simply rich greedy people.

By Mariya Kapinos

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