How Otzi the Iceman died A mummy named Otzi was discovered by a Two German hikers Hiking up a mountain close to the Australian and Italian borders. The scientist had some problems trying to find out who Otzi was and How he died, and how long ago did he die?

Who was Otzi?

Otzi the Iceman was found in September 1991 by a two German hikers , he was found by Ötztal Alps near the Australian and Italian border. Otzi lived about 5,300 years ago. He was from the Copper Age. Otzi is important because he is a preserved mummy that is a man and another thing that is important about Otzi is that he had a Copper axe with him. A copper axe is very rare which you can't find in our time. How Otzi died scientist have four theories about how Otzi the Iceman died. The first theory is that he was attacked and got in a fight with his attacker, the second theory is hand to hand combat, the third theory is the Iceman was killed to sacrifice the gods, the last theory is he was killed by his own people.

How he died

The scientist have four theories on how Otzi died but I mostly agree with the first theory which is Otzi was in a fight . They found two wounds on Otzi's right hand showing that he was defending himself with a dagger against his attacker. The dagger then found by the one of the German hikers and scientists in Otzi's thumb tearing his thumb skin off showing his thumb bone. Otzi had a damaged bone in his wrist but there was no scar or wound so scientist think that this happened after he was dead. An arrow blade was in Otzi's left shoulder so scientist think that the fight was dangerous. Scientist think that Otzi when he was up in the mountains he knew that he was in danger.

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