socialisation primary, secondary and health and well being

My primary socialisation for my first two years were mostly my parents, uncle, grandparents, then i had a new agent in my life from there on my step dad. They told me right from wrong, taught me how to speak the language i speak and the things i know today, such my beliefs and values. where i would then in turn help my younger brother.

Secondary socialisation are agents such as friends and peers, colleagues, magazines, social networking, television, music and social media. these agents give you a new perspective on values and beliefs.

The traditional gender roles were normally blue for boys or pink for girls, toy cars for boys and dolls for girls. But some families don't really believe in that tradition and couldn't care less like my family, as i was growing up i was more in interested in playing with my younger brother by kicking a ball around, playing with Lego, playing video games and toy cars.

Growing up my parents have taught me to be more open mined with life, more tolerant, and a good attitude towards authority and my environment. being taught to respect others with good behaviours and manners and the appropriate use of language, can get you far in life and have better relationships with each other.

Everyone around you can cause an impact on you and your life and you on their life, any right or wrong choices you always learn from them.


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