Football Facts by ethan.z

  1. Introduction
  2. Flag football
  3. Tackle football
  4. NFL football
  5. Conclusion
A team faces anther team and plays football


Football is one of the most liked sports. You always have a job in football. You can be kicker, running back, punter and lots more. So don't say you don't have a job because you always have a job. Did you know that there are over 150 teams in the USA? Read to know football facts.

What a football looks like

Chapter 1 Flag football

If you don't like tackle football you will like flag football. In flag football you have two flags when someone pulls your flag you are down. In flag football you might have different rules than other places you might run after you get an interception or not run you might run when your the QB or not run. You might play one quarter and sit on the bench for the next quarter and you might just play defense or offense. So if you don't like tackle football you will like flag football a lot.

What people look like playing flag football and what the flags look like

Chapter 2 Tackle football

If you don't like flag football you will like tackle football. In tackle football you have to tackle the person to make theme down there knees have to touch the ground to be down. There is one rule that if know one touch's the person on the ground they can still run or not run you have rules if you can. You need safety gear lots of people have got hurt over 50 people have got hurt over the years people made lots more gear to wear you need to wear a helmet and safety pads and more. So if you don't like flag football you will like tackle football a lot.

Kids playing tackle football

chapter 3 College Football

If you are in college there is college football. In college football you have rules. You need one foot in bounce to make the catch. If your knees touch the ground you are down it is different from the NFL. So if you are in college college students can play it in the USA.

College football players playing football

chapter 4 NFL

If you are a grownup you can play in the NFL. In NFL football you need to be drafted by a team if you want to play football and you can not pick your team. On the back of all jerseys they have the player last name not the first and you have a number on your jersey. If you play on a team for a year you might be able to change your team. All grownups around the USA can play so have fun.

What a NFL field looks like


Football is a tough sport. There are 32 NFL teams in the USA. So tell your friend about football and join the team together.


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