Industrial Era Victorian Age

The Industrial era, also known as the Victorian age, was a time in history where we advanced significantly in terms of technology and machinery. The revolution is believed to start sometime after 1750 and lasted for a great duration of time.

The Victorian Age is considered to be more of the social changes of the time, where as the Industrial focused on economic related changes. The Victorian Age had many huge changes with their social life's. Click the link to or watch the video to find out more.

The Industrial era was mainly made possible due to many new booming industries. There was also the fact that some countries, such as Great Britain, had colonies in what would soon become the United States. This helped them out tremendously.

As you would imagine there was over population because of the vast majority of your people coming, who were poor farmers, to the cities in search for a better life. The people over the small cities and towns were not planning for stuff like this and lower class living was still very bad. They had factories that would put pollution out into the air right near residential places and there wasn't many trees to clean up the air. For an example if you want to try it get a big sheet of paper and play the game below.

As good as the times were for the rich and upper class, the lower class had to pay the consequences. They were the people who had to work the long hard hours in the factories. Their bosses were usually either the middle class or the upper class men. Most factory workers were worked like farm animals. They were treated cruelly and worked almost to death. If they got injured they would have to keep working until the job was done and if it was too bad they were just replaced and not even missed. Lots of times their was younger girls working in the factories along with the women.

The mines, however, were a much worse place to work. The children here had to do the jobs that the older people couldn't (or just wouldn't) do such as running the carts up and down the tracks. Most of times all the kids wore (girls and boys) were trousers and no shirts. The children didn't get to stop and if you fell, you most likely died because the cart would roll back down and run you over. The mines were also dark and hard on your health. Lack of light caused people to go blind and other problems caused other health issues.

Overall the Industrial era was a good place to live, if you were rich, and if you are poor there isn't to many times where it is great throughout all of history. The huge social reforms like what it took to be a gentleman and how to be a proper host and other stuff probably did inconvenience a good but of the rich but overall it wasn't bad. It is a really crucial piece of history that without, no place on earth today would be the same.

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