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Why online coaching?

Often gym users step into the gym with the best intentions but have little or no idea what they SHOULD really be doing or what they should be eating. Maybe you have been using the SAME workout routine for the last 6 months (or 6 years in some cases) without any real structure to your diet and are now questioning why you are not seeing any results. If you have ever tried to start a fitness routine and failed, you will know how frustrating it is, and sometimes this is enough to put people off starting again. But what if you had a helping hand? What if you knew exactly what to do, what to eat, and at what times/how often and could touch base with a professional at any point who inspires and motivates you and keeps you on track so that this time you actually reach your goals?

That is what online coaching is.

Your personal trainer at your finger tips.

That is what we do.

Knowledge, Accountability, Motivation.

What we offer

Structured gym programmes

Every 4-8 weeks, your progress will be reviewed and a new workout with guidelines and tutorials will be updated. you can even share your progress and achievements with friends, family and other clients!

Planned Diet Programmes

Planning 6 healthy meals throughout the day can sometimes be tough. even tougher trying to workout how much carbohydrates, fats and proteins are included in each meal, and how much you should actually be taking. With our programmes you can see exactly what you are putting in your body, and how much you need.

Supplement Advice

Unsure about what supplements you should be buying and taking? When it comes to supplements you want to be making sure you are not spending your money on supplements that are not right for you, not effective, or sometimes even not good for you! The internet and magazines are full of sponsored adverts and will tell you to buy EVERYTHING! What you need is to be able to to talk to an actual person that knows what will be right for you and your goals!


Why do most people stop going to the gym or not stick to their new years resolutions? Accountability. Motivation will get you started, habit will keep you going. But sometimes that is just not enough. Being held accountable for your diet and workouts is the most important factor to sticking to your goals. And it works. Whether you are aiming to be a competitive pro, or simply want to start moving having a little helping hand to keep you track and motivated can be the difference between reaching your goals or not.

Record your progress

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated is to see results. Every 4 weeks we check in and touch base with progress reports included pictures, measured and tests to make sure you are on the right track. On top of that you have your very own app where we can chat/discuss and monitor progress.

Track record in producing real results

Having over 10 years Personal Training experience between us here at Essex Shredz, we pride ourselves on our clients results. Come and be part of our success stories and share your journey on our interactive forums and branded app

So how much does it cost?

Our GOLD Package (Usually £100/Month) which features all of this:

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment and lifestyle analysis
  • Custom macro guidelines
  • 7-day meal plan
  • Tailored training programme (changing every 4 weeks)
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Weekly catch up via skype/telephone/email/app with your trainer to discuss your
  • Monthly Progress reports
  • Email and app correspondence for questions and analysis
  • Individual profile on Essexshredz PT Hub (which contains all your workouts, diet plans, scheduled times, progress and more)
  • Downloadable App (iOS and Android Devices)


So if you would like to get started on reaching your goals, Click the link below and dont forget to check out the socials if you haven't already!

Once registered we will send you an initial consultation and unique link to set up your profile on our app (which will also be available to download on IOS and Android) #letsgetshredded

Contact and socials;




Essexshredz have over 10 years combined experience training clients in the fitness industry both in and outside the Gym envwironment; training clients face to face, in group settings/classes and online coaching clients across the UK, US and Mainland Europe. They have an established reputation as Goal driven, client focused trainers.

Essexshredz holds public liability insurance and the following fitness related qualifications:

  • NVQ L3 Personal training
  • NVQ L3 Programme writing
  • NVQ L3 Exercise Nutrtion
  • NVQ L2 gym instructing
  • NVQ L2 Group fitness
  • Multiple Functional training and class courses including:
  • Spinning, Group/Circuit/Bootcamp, Kettlebells, Vibr, Sandbags, DI30, Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and more

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