What Are Your Thoughts on the 2020 Election? By Ria Lowenschuss

Students spoke briefly about how the 2020 election will effect them in the future and how they are feeling about this suspenseful wait-time.

Sage Iwashyna, Senior

“The electoral college is broken. But that's not something new. The pure disparity between the popular vote and the electoral college astounds me. And the fact that the system is so broken and there's no real drive to fix it from politicians hurts because a truly democratic society reflects the vote… someone in Iowa's vote shouldn't matter 200% more than someone in California's. That makes no sense. The system is broken but I don't know how to fix it and I know that I can't fix it. But I also know that no one in power really wants to fix it.”

Morgan McClease, Freshman

“I think Joe Biden is going to win. I don’t want to say that this was a good year for an election but there were a lot of different factors that played into it, especially with the coronavirus. So many different Americans have died in this time, because our president didn't take action. I feel like that was a real eye opener for people. Our president didn't pay attention so what's going to happen in the next four years? Joe Biden has a plan so I think he's going to win.”

Grace Wang, Junior

“I think that the Democratic Party could have elected a stronger candidate as it's not going too well with Joe Biden. I think they could do better. I also think they banked on the fact that Donald Trump has said bad things about the Latino population so they're going to vote for Biden, which is not how it's going. I think they counted on that a bit too much and didn't do enough outreach. But I'm scared about the outcomes, because I really don't want another four more years of Donald Trump.”

Arista Luong, Sophomore

“[The election] should have been a landslide for Biden. I think Trump is misogynistic and xenophobic, and homophobic and almost everything in the book. It's just so incredible to me that people can vote for him and have him represent our country and see the terrible things that he has said and done, and overlook it. It's really shocking to me.”

"I'd say, out of any election that I have lived through, this is the most engaged I've been. I think it has to do with age. [In past elections], I've been too young to be fully involved. But also, this is such an important time to be involved politically. I went canvassing with my mom on Sunday for Biden and I thought that was really important because it encourages people who weren't planning on voting or hadn’t voted yet to vote and gives them the information that they need."

Elliot Rhodes, Sophomore

"I think it's a hot mess. I know that the rest of the world is laughing at us right now, for good reason. I can't really blame them for it. We have our president throwing a temper tantrum on Twitter, talking about how it's a great day, and he wants people to stop counting votes. He’s saying that he already won, even though we don't have the results for that. It's frustrating. The entire lead up to the election has been frustrating in itself, but this is just ridiculous."


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