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A Cosmetologist provides beauty services such as shampooing, cutting,and coloring. The average pay for a cosmetologist is $18,000 yearly.
My dream vacation would be going to bora bora, a small island just south of Hawaii. I would stay in the four seasons resort and use all of their amenities it comes with.
This picture shows good safety because the knives are properly stored and away from anywhere that could cause harm.
We made Caesar salad in class and this applies to what we are learning by cooking something that has ready to go food and chicken that needs to be cooked. we had to learn a lot about cross contamination and this was a good example of a food that can be easily cross contaminated.
We cooked steak in class and when we did this we had to cook it at a bunch of different temperatures and we learned the proper temp to cook all different types of meat at.
knife Cuts: these are some of my best knife cuts. in this picture i have a Brunoise, batonette, and a julienne.
this Kitchenaid is available at Sears for $299.99
one of the many things that we made in this class is pasta salad. pasta salad is one of my favorite foods and this applied to what we were learning by cutting a bunch of different stuff.
we made pavlova and this taught us a bunch of different techniques. for example we learned how to separate eggs.
we made poached pears and they were actually really good! and this applied to what we were learned by basically what i have said above with just different skills and things we can do with food.
The peach is a deciduous tree native to the region of Northwest China between the Tarim Basin
Comes from the mediterranean area
I chose this outfit because it was very fashionable but also really professional looking. If I were to change anything it would be my jeans but if I wore nice shoes and a cute bag I think I would be fine:)
This was a strawberry crumble. It was super good and it applied to what we were learning by using fruits when we were learning about fruits and vegetables
This was a meatloaf cupcake. We did this because we were learning about the appearance of food can change a lot
This was a breakfast burrito. It applied to what we were learning because we had to take turns cooking and we were given a manager and it showed us team work and what it will be like on the job
this is a formal table setting. the main thing for me in this table setting is all of the different forks and knifes.
my favorite thing to do when im stressed is play the piano
we made gnocchi. this went with what we were study because it was a type of grain.
this is home made noodles. this also applied to what we were learning because of grains.
these are some oatmeal cooks and they applied to what we were learning because we were doing stress foods that are healthy
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