The Harn Museum Sydney Vaden

Medium of the art technique of the artist

"Zandvoort" by Frank Stella, 1981, mixed media on etched magnesium (picture taken by Max Peña)

The way the art looked in person was amazing because you could see the layers of it from all angles. Viewing it in any other way would not be the same because of it's multi-dimensional construction. You must walk around it and view it from all angles in order to take in every component that it is made of. Each individual piece is painted differently, and nicely contrast each other. The lack of a specific color scheme really stood out to me because the pieces did not blur together but stood out quite nicely from each other. My interpretation of this piece is that although we are all made of different values and express ourselves in different ways, we can all come together to form beautiful communities that flow very well.

Design of the museum

Garden at the Harn Museum (pictures taken by Sydney Vaden)

I really enjoy spending time outside with nature so the garden really appealed to me the most out of all the places in the museum. The sounds of birds, the wind, and the waterfall made the setting relaxing. It felt like it helped me unwind and release some of the stress I had been holding in from the week. Its subtle Asian details felt culturally stimulating and made me feel like maybe I was experiencing the culture of another country.

Art and core values

Artwork by The Guerilla Girls (Photos by Max Peña and Sydney Vaden)

Equality is a very important value to me. As a woman, I have experienced discrimination because of my gender and the gender gap first-hand. I really appreciated the provocative and almost pop-art style to convey messages of empowerment and disgust towards the patriarchal domination of the arts and oppression of women everywhere. The artwork made me feel even more in touch with the feminist movement and reminded me why feminism really is so important.

Art and the good life

Left: Photos of Frida Kahlo painting and putting on puppet shows in the hospital (picture taken by Max Peña) Right: a photo of Frida Kahlo (picture taken by Sydney Vaden)

Even though Frida Kahlo spent almost 9 months in the hospital, she was photographed putting on puppet shows and continuing to paint while in her hospital bed. It was reported that she was the favorite patient of all the nurses and doctors and that she was always lively. So even though she was struggling with physical ailments, like spinal problems, she still seemed to have a good life. The good life to her was creating art and brightening other people's days. She was able to overcome her ailments by doing what she loved and she would not let the pain dull her enthusiasm and desire to paint.


Photos by Sydney Vaden and Max Peña

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