Mac #3 World war 2

World War 2

War War 2 is about to happen because Adolf Hitler has token over Germany.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany. He died on April 30 1945.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy. He died on April 28 1945.

Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco was the dictator of Spain. He died on November 20 1975.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union. He died in 1953 in Moscow.

Hideki Tojo

Hideki Tojo was the Prime Minister of Japan. He died on December 23, 1948.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his country were trying to stay neutral and they didn't want to get bothered by Germany but Germany bombed Pearl Harbor and they were mad because of that.

That's how WW2 started and ended.


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