Tattoos on the Heart By Julia Altilio

Preface and Introduction
The Preface and Introduction introduced the readers to gangs. Father Greg spcified what he did to help the gang members. He also optold us all of his past jobs. One of my favorite stories from this section was the bakery lighting on fire. It stood out to me because one of the workers went up to Father G and offered her support to start a car wash.
Chapter 1
The chapter 1, God, I guess, theme is God. In this chapter Father Greg talks a lot about faith and God. My favorite story in this chapter is Rascal's story. In this story Rascal starts to listen to Father Greg and finds God. This was really eye opening for me to see how Father Greg changed this mans life.
Chapter 2
The chapter, Dis-Grace, is mostly about grace. Father Greg tells many stories that show and portray grace. One of the stories that stuck out to me was the Danny and Candy story. This story showed me what grace was exactly. I also realized that God intended for all of us to graceful to one another to make this world a better place.
Chapter 3
Chapter 3, Compassion is all about compassion. In this chapter father Greg tells us many stories that involve people who became compassionate. My favorite story would have to be when Father Greg asked all the people what compassion means. An older guy raised his hand and said, "Compassion is God." This to me was very powerful.
Chapter 4
Chapter three, Water, Oil, and Flame, showed me more about my faith. Father Greg's whole book opened up my faith, but for some reason this chapter really spoke to me. One of the stories that stood out to me was David's story. I can't imagine being that young and not having your dad come home. In a story like Davids, you need to turn to God for help and strength.
Chapter 5
In chapter 5, I think the theme is we have to work in order to achieve our goals. A lot of these gang members have many goals to get better. They need help realizing that it takes time and effort to do so. Joey's story stood out to me so much. I think it's very admirable that Joey got his life together for his son that was doing to be born in a few months. That shows me a lot about dedication and goals.
Chapter 6
When I was reading chapter 6, jurisdiction, I thought the main theme was jurisdiction. During this chapter Greg tells a lot of stories revolving the main theme jurisdiction. One of my favorites was Artie and Danny. This story spoke to me because you never know who you'll become friends with. This story really inspired me to take life more seriously and to appreciate my friends.
Chapter 7
In chapter 7, Gladness, the main thing mentioned is gladness and happiness. I noticed that father Greg ended most of the stories in this chapter with happiness. My favorite story in this chapter is Moreno's. I thought it was really interesting to see Moreno's life change. Moreno was a different man before he met Father Greg.
Chapter 8
When I read chapter 8 and realized success and accomplishing a goal was the theme. All of these stories inspired me to reach my goals in life. I found it really opened my mind. One story in particular was Mannys. It really showed me to not take anything for granted and always try my hardest. 
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 was all about kinship. I enjoyed reading this chapter, but I was also sad because it was the last chapter of the book. One of my favorite stories was the story with father Greg getting diagnosed with leukemia. This really inspired me because it started off as a really sad story, but he got a lot of love and support. I need to remember to keep positive and loving people in my life. 

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