Reflection Journal Week 3

We have started our mood boards on our characters and other assets for our game. We started this so we could get some inspiration for our character designs. These will help us develop our characters story and appearance.

Brandon and I have been discussing one of our concepts for a boss being based on a scorpion or a spider. We have also discussed ideas for Animus Veale (Mechanical Golem) by making him more elemental instead of being more mechanical. This would make Animus Veale more unique as golem are either seen as elemental or mechanical and not both.

Brandon and I have been discussing our UI ideas. We have gathered some research of other game UI's and put them into a mood board to help us get an idea of what we want our UI to look like.
We have also been discussing an idea for a boss whether to base it on a spider or scorpion shape with a necron themed appearance to fit it with the theme of the Abyssals (enemy's)
I have done some research on a book I have read and have given reasons why I like it and why it has given me inspiration.
I have also done some research on a faction from Warhammer fantasy the Seraphon (Lizard-men) which we could use as inspiration for monstrous beasts that you could fight so there are more types of enemy's in our game.

I got some feedback on my market research saying I need to explore other ways of getting research e.g. books, magazines, movies and other games. As my current research is all based on the war-hammer/war-hammer 40K universes as our game will become a war hammer based game which would make it loose it's own originality as it would just become a war hammer copy.

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