Our communities purpose is to preserve the welfare of the human race while keeping the wildlife around us in good health for future generations. Responsibilities will be farmers, ranchers, fishermen, factory plant workers, and district representatives. You will be reprimanded if you undergo in any illegal activities, such as murder, stealing, and abuse. Everyone gets provided for so that they have enough to live comfortably, but one can work extra to earn more. Climate and environment are to be left alone, with no changes. Elected officials from each district will meet together to make laws. They are elected by a popular vote from the community members. Laws will be enforced by a police force. If an offense occurs the offender will be punished to the level of their crimes.





Why you should live here.

We provide levels of schooling from Elementary School, all the way to college.

Jobs include rancher, farmer, fishermen, factory plant worker, and district representative. You will also live at your place of work.

Isla de Vulcán is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and and its government supports the working man, has a better working environment, and has plenty of job options.

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