The dairy of Linsie Moretti By: beYonse gordillo

October 28, 1919, Dear dairy, Today the VOLSTEAD ACT was effected, and my papa wasn't happy about it.
May 17, 1920. Dear dairy, my papa has been telling me all about BOOTLEGGING, and SPEAKEASIES from the volstead act. I think it's very clever.
August 14, 1923 Dear dairy, not that long ago the first proposed by the National Woman's political party occurred for the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT.
November 2, 1924. Dear dairy, ever since I moved out of my parents house to New York I've became a FLAPPER, and I love JAZZ music. I had also met the man of my dreams, but he's a TRADITIONALIST and I'm a MODERNIST. His name is James L. Moretti.
August 13, 1925. Dear dairy I'm now named Lindie Moretti<3 and my beautiful baby boy Emiliano said his first word...he said mama.
October 15, 1927, Dear dairy, I had recently moved into this beautiful house, and now we're saving up for Emiliano to go to college.
October 29, 1929. Dear diary, today in the newspaper I heard that the STOCK MARKET CRASHED! Unbelievable, and something called BLACK TUESDAY is occurring.
November 15, 1930, Dear dairy, these days have been the worst! James lost his job and we couldn't pay the house so we had to move out into a small apartment. I'm so glad we don't have to live in HOOVERVILLES.
November 20, 1930, well my flapper career is over, ever since the house went to a FORECLOSURE. I heard that there was a HAWLEY-SMOOT TARRIFF ACT made.
November 21, 1930, Dear Dairy, ever since the BANK RUNS we had been saving our money around the house.
January 3, 1931, Dear dairy, since Jim couldn't find a job, we decided to move to James old uncles farm in the GREAT PLAINS. Hopefully everything turns out better.
June 3, 1931, Dear dairy, ever since we moved to the Great Plains, everything was becoming worse. We had a BLACK BLIZZARD recently, and we have more and more DUST BOWLS.
January 12, 1932, Dear dairy, life was still bad over here, DESERTIFICATION has started here, Emiliano is getting sick and from the money we have left from Emiliano's saving for college is almost gone. We decided to use the rest of the money to move back and pay for medical help for Emiliano.
January 11, 1938. Dear diary, well ever since we got back Emiliano has been taking medicine, and SOUP KITCHENS had been a good help for us.
June 22, 1939. Dear diary, recently the WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION would might help my dear James a job, we've been just selling quilts.

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