Nostalgia A Digital story by mckenna reubens

What is the story about?

  • Nostalgia is defined as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
  • My Digital Story centers around a place that was extremely prominent in my life time, when I look back on the time I spent up at Cultus Lake, endless summers with friends, family, ice cream and charred marshmallow, I can't help but think about how it all shaped me and who I am now.
My brother must have been a few months old in this picture, and my Dad was obviously very tired.
Sharing is caring, and Papa obviously wanted some of my ice cream.

What is the scope of the world you want to tell?

  • All of my Digital Story takes place up at Cultus Lake, a small camping community. Even smaller still is the 'block' or strip of road I spent my summers playing on. The entirety of it is very compact.
  • I will be the main character throughout, with a number of minor characters who will help frame my time up there and the experiences I had.
  • I really want to interview my Nana and get her to recollect a memory we share up there.
  • Also, my older cousins, I obviously spent a lot of my time up there trailing after them.
Who likes Frosted Malts? Obviously I did.

Where will I receive my information?

  • As you can see, I've already found a whole bunch of photos to use from the countless boxes my family has stowed away in their basement and attics.
  • The overall tone of my piece will be happy and playful and upbeat.
These curls are everything.. Where did they go?

What tools/software do you plan to use? & What will be your interactive element?

  • Tools I will use will be Adobe Premiere, to piece together the video, Adobe Audition, to finesse that audio. And possibly Adobe Spark.
  • My interactive element will be Eko Studios, where the viewer will choose what path they will take when watching my presentation.

Have you met the minimum of multimedia tools?

  • Narration
  • Video
  • Photographs
  • Music
  • Graphics (doodles)
  • Stop Motion
  • Interview/Audio

God I hope I have.


The End.


Shelley Reubens

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