The BPL Experience Stop guessing, start measuring!

What is the BPL Experience?

During the visit, Baseball Performance Lab will provide the consumer version of our extensively researched and tested MLB level fitting combined with complete bio-metric, movement and power testing.

Our Process

Our half-day BPL Experience will help you find the bats that fit you best in the Marucci product line while also providing insight into overall player improvement and development. During this process every client is required to complete our proprietary baseline testing.

Baseline Testing

To ensure we provide the best diagnosis and prescription possible, we put every player through the following:

  • BPL Proprietary Bio-metric Testing
  • OnBaseU Movement Screen - Body Swing Connection
  • TPI Power Testing - How Powerful are You?
  • Determine Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicator

Once the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is determined we will gather specifications of the current bat being used to properly execute our proprietary bat fitting protocol.

Post Fitting

We will provide you with the recommended bat(s) most optimal for each athlete with the opportunity to purchase at a discounted rate through the lab. You can purchase on-site or have it drop shipped directly to your house.

For More Information & Booking

Micah Gibbs, Director of Player Performance

Cost - $1,500

Contact - micah@thebpl.com

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