Franks and the Holy Roman Empire Kenna Ackman

Clovis was the first king of the Franks to convert to Christianity

He turned king at 15 and took power with brutal force

Charlemagne is the Frankish king who was crowned on December 25, 800, as the first Holy Roman Emperor by the pope

Charlemagne was a king who brought people together by reforming the laws, educational system, and monetary standards of the Holy Roman Empire.

Pepin the Short was the king that established the Carolingian Empire

754 A.D. he removed the Lombard from Rome and gave their lands to the Pope


Created with images by Me in ME - "Charlemagne Sculpture" • George M. Groutas - "τοιχογραφία με την Σταύρωση του Χριστού" • George M. Groutas - "Lusignan escutcheon on the eastern wall" • CircaSassy - "A brief history of mediæval and modern peoples (1899)" • CircaSassy - "A school history of Germany: from the earliest period to the establishment of the German empire in 1871 (1874)" • Accidental Hedonist - "Charlemagne" • frozenchipmunk - "Pepin the Short" • Bernt Rostad - "Statue of Charlemagne"

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