The Fourth Stall BY: Jason Giannasi


Christian Barrett (Mac/Macgyver) "The boss"

Vince "The manager"

Joe "The strong man"

Fred "The client"

Staples "The bully/The president of the collecting business"

The Setting

There are up to three different settings in the book, 1. "The Fourth Stall' aka the middle school bathroom, Where Mac and Vince's business is ran in a bathroom on the east side of the middle school. There business hours are at lunch and recess. They help solve people's problems, but it will cost some money first. Monday morning There was this kid named "Fred" that was in the 3rd grade came into Mac and Vince's office that day with a big problem that Mac and Vince would never of think of, which Mac and Vince had a mission where they have to chase down this high school student named "staples" who runs a collecting business, where they make bets with kids there age or younger and if those kids don't win that bet they have to pay up, and if they don't they get beat up. 2. "The trailer park" Where Mac and Vince met each other, When Mac first moved there and met Vince they went to the playground and throwed a football with a few kids including a kid named Barry Larsen aka "staples" later through out the years Mac and Vince found out that Barry Larsen was "staples" and Mac and Vince were shocked. 3. "The yard" This is where Mac, Vince and there crew defeated staples! The "yard" is said to be haunted and there was a rumor going on that houses were going to get built there but every time there was construction workers or anyone there someone would get hurt or injured there so every Halloween teenagers would scare them selves when they would walk past the "Yard". Mac's crew consists in Vince, Fred, Joe, Great white, Kitten and Nubby.

The Theme

There are 4 Themes in the "Fourth Stall" The first one is "Teamwork", Mac, Vince and their crew had to use teamwork to take down Staples and his collecting business. Teamwork is needed for any type of business or group activity. The second theme is "Mental toughness" Mac and Vince have to be mentally strong to take down staples because Staples (Barry Larsen) is really strong and he is really dangerous. The third theme is "Underestimation" Staples Underestimated Mac and Vince when he thought he was able to take down Mac and Vince and when everyone was underestimating Mac and Vince's business with the fourth stall, Luckily Mac and Vince proved everyone wrong and for a plus they took down staples. last but not least the fourth theme called "Business management" Mac and Vince's "The fourth stall" business needs to be managed very good, or the teacher's/parent's will find out same as Staples's business Because his actually involves bullying he has to be even more careful.


"You need something? Ill get it for you. You have a problem? We will solve it"

And that is why they come to me, "they" I mean every kid at my middle school. I run a business with a kid called Vince, you can call me Mac Mac is short for MacGyver. Anyways lets get back to business we run a business called "The fourth stall" If anybody needs help with something Vince and I can help, like you need answers for your homework or you want to lend a video game, BUT theirs a little fee. My office is located in the east wing boy's bathroom from the high window, my office hours are recess and lunch.


Person vs person

Staples and Mac face off at the "Yard"

Person vs Self

Mac and Vince will have to face very hard decisons

Person vs Society

Staples is against everyone except his business members

Here's a trailer type video of "The Fourth Stall"

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