The Muncher The scariest liTtle thing you have ever seen

My defininition of a Monster

Definition: A monster is a creature, or human that's looks scary, or is mean, or even hurts people. A monster can also be nice.

Definition of Monster: a legendary animal combining features of animal, and human form, or having the forms of various animals in combination.

E.g. Centaur, Griffin, or Sphinx.

Our Monster

Name: The Muncher

Abilities: it is tall, can pick items up, can eat anything and is scary.

Design: tall, skinny, long arms, torn off bear head, wires sticking out of head, white long fingers.

Back story: Harambear used to love having tea parties with Lucy, until one day she was in a car accident. She never came home, Harmabear never had any more tea parties with Lucy, and became" The Muncher". The Muncher he can eat anything, once he ate his parents.

Project outline

The project outline is what are boundaries were for our task. We had to work in small groups of 3 - 4 and come up with and idea for a monster. We had to build a robot exoskeleton, and make an Adobe Spark Page which had to include everything that we did. Inclusions - Definition of a monter, a case study and background story. Our group had to work on our robot every week and keep adding to our Adobe Spark Page. We also have to prototype with our robot and at the end of the project we have to showcase our robot with a brochure and programme.

Case Study

Even thought sally looks like a monter and is scary it doesn't mean he is bad, whereas hitler he might've not of looked scary but he was a monter.


The robot is going to be tall with a Lego exoskeleton. We are going to use white long Lego beams for the arms,legs,and body. It is going to have a torn off bear head that is dirty,and burnt ,with wires sticking out of it. We are going to cover the exoskeleton with things like painted paper towel rolls and paper mâché. It is going to be holding a knife and fork.

Class work

In class we have been working on our Adobe Spark Pages. We have also watched some videos and did some worksheets and reflected on our progress.



The group that I worked in didn't work very well together, we pushed on forward, and we finished our Adobe Spark Pages on time.

Reflection entry 1: 24, 4, 2017

This time in class we started working on how the robot would move, should we use tracks or tires? We discussed and decided that tracks would give robot more traction. So we added the tracks to the frame of the robot.

Reflection entry 2: 27,4, 2017

This lesson Jade helped with the robot to make a main frame. This mainframe was just a prototype so we are probably not going to use it in the future.

Reflection entry 3: 1, 5, 2017

In the first part of the period we had to go to the Anzac assembly, but the other half of the lesson we got out our robot and started to add some more additions.

Reflection entry 4: 4, 5, 2017

Today we added the robot computer onto the robot. We also fiddled around with the remote control. We also took some time to think of ideas to add onto the robot.

Reflection entry 5: 5, 8, 2017

Today we decided to prototype with adding a moving arm but unfountunately that didn't work. After that Jade made a punching arm instead, which worked very well.

Reflection entry 6: 15.5.2017

Today we added more support to our robot. We also decided to make it hold a knife that spins around. We also had a little game this lesson, called battle bots, which helped us decide where it wasn't stable. Next lesson we are going to finish off the exoskeleton.

Reflection entry 7: 18.5.2017

Today we finished our prototyping, and we also made two arms that both spin.

Reflection entry 8: 24.5.2017

Today we made our third moving part; the robots eye blink. We used a set of "Little Minds Kits". Next lesson we are going to start adding the skin and the outside of the robot.

Reflection entry 9: 25.5.2017

Today when we were thinking of what our robot would look like, "someone in our group" threw a tyre at our robot so I had to rebuild the whole robot again. I managed o fix it in time of the class.


These questions will allow us to easily make decisions and come up

with new ideas.

1.What makes a monster? A monster is a living thing that scares people.

2.Will it have a weapon? Yes, a fork and knife.

3.What robot are we using? We are using the mind storm robotics sets.

4.How does it work? It will have an arm that moves up and down and can eat things.

5.Does it have arms? Yes

6.Does it have big feet? No

7.Will it eat things? Yes, anything

8.Does it have feelings? Yes, anger and sadness

9.Does it have legs? Yes, wheels

10.Will it have a noes? Yes

11.Does it have ears? Yes, small ones

12.Did it have an original owner? Yes, Lucy

13.Was the original owner nice? Yes

14.Was it's history with people good? Yes but it when wrong

15.Will it have powers? No

16.Why is it unique? Because it can eat anything

17.Does it's legs move? No

18.Will it have feet? Yes

19.Can it walk? Yes

20.Can it stand up? It can only stay standing

21.Can it climb? No

22.Does it's arms move? Yes

23.Does it have hands that pick up? Yes

24.Does it have claws? No

25.Does it have a head? Yes

26.Does it's head swivel around? No

27.Does it have eyes? Yes

28.What colour eyes does it have? Black and red

29.Could it have cameras in its eyes? Yes

30.Does it's eyes move? No

31.Why is it called the Muncher? Because it can eat anything

32.Does it have teeth that are sharp? Yes

33.Can it use its teeth to pick things up? Yes

34.Is it short? No

35.Is it tall? Yes

36.Is it skinny? Yes

37.Is it wide? No

38.Does shape matter? Yes, for the idea of making it scary and for its compatibility the shape will definitely affect this.

39.What shape would work the best for what we want our robot to do? Cylinder shape

40.Can we learn from it? Yes, we can learn characteristics and feelings

41.Why have we planned it? We have planned it this way so that it will fit our criteria

42.Will the robot have tracks? No

43.Will the robot have wheels? Yes

44.Will the robot be made of Lego? Yes

45.Will the robots be made of electronics? Parts of the robot will be made out of electronics

46.Will the robot have guns? No

47.What is its gender and why? The monster is a boy but it does not need a specific one to have the qualities added

48. Is its head big? Medium size

49. What does it like to eat? Anything

50.How old is the robot? The robot is not that old about 2-3 years because its owner bought him from the shop when the bear was only 2months old

51.What type of skin does it have? Parts of the skin is made of fluff and toilet paper role and paper machete and a bear head

52.Is it fluffy? Parts, yes

53.Is it hard? Parts, yes

54.Is it fuzzy? No

55.What do we use to make it? We will use lego and electronics to produce different parts and specific parts of the monster

56.Will it have a weapon? Yes

57.Will it have scissors for hands?No

58.Will it have a recording device?Yes

59.Will it be able to record audio?No

60.Will it be able to record visual?Yes

61.Will it have sensors?No

62. Does it like anything? Yes, eating

63.Will it use gears? Yes

64.Why was it friendly? Because it used to love its owner

65.Is it friendly? No

66.Is it unfriendly? Yes

67.What are its behaviour traits? It is not nice only if someone wants to have a tea party with it

68.What quality's do monsters have? monsters to some people are scary and that's what make people think it is a monster

69. Did it work for someone evil?.

70. Does it want to hurt anyone?

71.Is it scary? Yes

72.Is it happy? No

73.Is it angry? Yes

74.Is it scared? No

75.Will it be made out of a teddy bear? Only the head of a teddy bear will be used

76.Does it hurt anyone? Yes, it kills people

77.Is it angry at anyone? The only person it is angry at is the person who killed his owner

78.Will it be evil? Yes

79.Will it help people? No much would it cost to build? It will not cost much money to build because most of the items used are provided to us

81.will all the resources be available for us at school? No, not all of them

82. Is it something we can achieve? Anything is possible

83. Is it going to have a head? Yes, it is going to have a bear head

84. Is it holding a weapon? Yes, a knife and a fork

85. Will you be able to complete it in time? Yes

Problem solving

18,5: Today we added an arm and it was too low. We had to stack some Lego bricks on in between the other piece of Lego to succeed.

24.5: Today when we added our ranks to the robot they where not stable enough. I had to add an extra support beam so they locked in place.

25.5: Today someone threw a Lego tire at our robot so I had to rebuild the whole thing before break. Luckily I remembered how it was made so I could rebuild it.


The robot is going to use math by programming on an minstorm app. We are also brining mechanics into this because we are using gears and motors.

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