National Friendship Day By: Brianna Telford

I made a holiday called National Friendship Day. This is a day where you can hang out with your friends and not get bothered by your friend's or your parents.

You know how you always want to hang out with your friends but can't because your parents or your friend's parents say no? Well on this day you can hang out with your friend all day and not being worried if your parents say no because they have to say yes to anything your doing with your friend

When your at school you don't see your friends a lot, unless they are in your class. The only time you see them, if they are not in your class, is at lunch. When you or your friend move away you guys might not see each other again or just not very often.

When your friends don't live near you, you can't really see them to often and when you do you probably don't get to see them for long.

Your parents probably won't let you do what ever you want well on this day you and your friends can do whatever you want to do, as long as it is legal. If you and your friend want to drive a car, but you don't have your drivers license, don't go drive a car have your mom or dad take you to where ever you want to go.

National Friendship Day is a day where you can hang out with your friends all day. A lot of people don't see their friends a lot but this day you can see them all day. You guys can hang out until whenever you want and don't have to worry about pesky parents to bother you.

You and your friend need to keep your bond strong. This is why I think that this day should be a day. This day would be on every Friday of March. Let's keep the bond strong and hang it with your friends as long as you want.

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