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The overall place/location of my book is in Rhode Island. I imagine this book taking place in a town in Rhode Island that mostly consists of middle class families and their children. I also visualize many homes, playgrounds and parks with children and their families because most of this story has to do with kids and life.
One example of a specific location so far is the high school gym where Savannah Christopher, also known as Savvy, tries out for the elite 18u basketball team called Fire with her friend Nina. Another example of a specific location is the farm that Savvy's Aunt Betty owns. It is a farm that houses sheep and a guard dog named Sultana, and it sits right next to Savvy's house.
My novel takes place in modern and current times. I visualize this story taking place in a time where there are families with children that live in a regular, friendly community. I also visualize newer homes that are developed with parks and recreation centers that are built. The time period that I visualize is relatively close to the late 20th and 21st century.
The geography in my book consists of flat, green plains that rise gently into rolling hills. Rhode Island's climate is mostly humid, and mostly consists of cold winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is 50°F and changes over the years. I visualize the environment as green and very costal, since there is an ocean. Lastly, I also visualize hot summer days and freezing winter nights.
The population in my book is very neutral. The town that this book takes place isn't overcrowded, but it isn't empty. The population is very neutral, which means that there is a good amount of people that live there, but it isn't overcrowded. The kinds of people that live in this town are mostly of middle class families and their children. I visualize this town that consists of families that are trying to raise their children in a safe and happy community.
One example of a specific object/clothing that helps to time stamp the story is Callie's iPod because this shows that this story takes place in modern and current times. Callie (Savvy's older sister) has an iPod that she uses to listen to music and to be lazy. It is important because it shows why Callie needs to lose weight in order to be in her flier position in cheerleading and how she is very lazy. Lastly, Savvy's old black jeans that she outgrew. They also help to time stamp the story because it shows that this story take space in modern and current times. Savvy catches Callie wearing her old jeans and gets mad about Callie cutting them into shorter shorts.
The overall mood and atmosphere of my book is overwhelming and energetic because when Savvy tries out for the 16u basketball team at first, it is overwhelming because all of the coaches are watching and thinking if they should put Savvy on their team. In addition, there are many spectators watching so that creates an atmosphere that gets tense and heated. For example, when Savvy is shooting in the drill at tryouts, she makes 4 baskets in a row. One person spectating on the bleacher claps while the coach barked out "No." I feel that moment is very overwhelming and puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders especially at tryouts.
The setting affects the story so far because it shows the type of people that live in Savvy's town. It also shows the type of people Savvy has to compete against to be the best. Many girls who play basketball in this town are strong and a lot bigger than Savvy. It shows Savvy that she has to push herself an extra step to be better than others. In addition, it shows her that she has to train harder if she wants to play two age brackets up. Lastly, it gives Savvy a feeling of showing perseverance for others since she thinks she is the best.

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