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Let’s talk chakras. Many of us have heard of these beautiful energy centers. The word is Sanskrit for “wheel” and it’s truly apt as you move through the chakras, they turn like wheels, the energy building and moving upwards. In Kundalini yoga and Reiki, we speak often of the alignment of the chakras helping to open the energy building from the sacral base through the crown chakra.

Balancing our chakras helps us to keep our bodies healthy. Think of it as when we eat healthy, exercise, meditate, and de-stress. Balanced chakras help all of those things to be simpler and more effective.

The chakra paths

Root chakra

The root chakra sits at the base of your spine, under your genitals. This base chakra is about our foundation. Remember we are born from creation, the area is important. Balance and cleansing the negative energies are important to bring about the burst of energy to be carried upwards to clear and charge each chakra center.

The root makes us think of the basics in life. It should. It’s the foundation and it must be solid, whole. Here is where we do most of our Inner Child healing. Here is where you begin the search of your core needs. This chakra can help you learn what basics you need to survive and be whole. This red flower wheel turns slowly but effectively for your daily benefit.

This chakra is known as the Muladhara.

Sacral Chakra

Welcome to the home of the sacral chakra, Svadhishana. The orange flower wheel sits above your hips, cantered over your middle, just below your belly button. Inhale deeply, letting your belly expand. Feel the energy lift and envelop the chakra, cleansing it as we gently exhale...releasing all the negative thoughts and feelings and fill yourself with thoughts of abundance, happiness, and pleasure.

This chakra represents yourself as an artist, your ability to be creative, to be filled with pleasure and bring others pleasure as well. Many people consider this chakra the most delicate as it can be home to addiction, disappointment when your abilities don’t seem to be recognised.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura, the solar plexus chakra is the identity chakra. When we talk about the chakra most like to be blocked when we’re unsure of who we truly are, this is the one. This personal power chakra can be cleared by focused meditation, letting out the negative, pulling in positive.

Self esteem and wisdom are part of the balance in this chakra, when you are balanced, you feel ready for the day. You believe in your skill, you believe in you.

Heart Chakra

Anahata is about love, compassion for others. This is your heart, your soul that allows you to feel so many emotions for people. When this chakra is blocked, it’s hard to trust, hard to love, compassion is harder to come by. Peace becomes a foreign concept.

There’s a simple mantra I do to balance Anahata regularly. When I start feeling unbalanced, I place both hands over my heart, I breathe in slowly to the count of three. As I do, I say, “I give love.” While exhaling to the count of three, I say, “I’m not hate.” Usually, I’ll do this a few times, until I feel a tingle around the chakra, as it realigns. Once it has, I open my hands as if I’m giving something to someone else. Then I close with, “Love is love is love. Give love, never hate.”

Throat Chakra

Communication is what we humans need. Yet, we hurt each other with words and deeds. Vishuddha, the throat chakra has become a chakra getting blocked more often due to negativity. When you speak truth without being rude, when your true self speaks your truth, when your words are the words needed to be heard- you speak from the depth of Vishuddha.

Blockage here means we’re not speaking truth, we're failing to speak the wisdom of the world, and our words are hurting so many, sometimes even ourselves. Clearing these blockages usually takes being honest, apologies, and stepping back with our words. Speaking clear. Thus this wheel spins beautifully and reminds us that we can be true to the words we speak to all.

Third Eye Chakra

Ajna, the third eye. The psychic point for many people. This chakra helps you see the big picture, guides your intuition, helps you see your place in the Universe. This chakra helps you see the physical world you’re in and lets you see your purpose.

Blockage here isn’t abnormal. Many people seem to lack the belief in what they’re meant to do, which is a shame. Many people who clear this chakra, find a balance which allows them to walk a path in this world and the extra sensory world. Clearing this chakra usually takes meditation, being open to concepts such as being able to being human with senses that occasionally extend further than imagined.

Crown Chakra

The thousand petal lotus, the crown chakra, Sahasrara, is found at the top of your head. It is the receptive chakra that allows you to receive the blessings from the Universal Energy. For some, it’s a bright white light, for others it’s violet. To me, it’s a rainbow swirl of jewelled tones, reminding me that the energy from the root chakra through third eye.

This chakra is where our spiritual connectivity reigns supreme. Here we can feel our connection to each other, the universe and the Universal Energy. When you wish to protect yourself from psychic leeches or any other aspects, this is where you pull down the energy to surround you. This chakra is the harmoniser. Our goal is to be in harmony with the universe.

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