Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet Reality TV | Running Time: 10 x 30 mins. | Language: English

She’s a cowgirl, a dog wrangler, and a second-generation vet. Meet Dr. Keri Hudson Reykdal – a rural veterinarian who has dedicated her life to animals – big and small. With her small-town clinic and mobile surgery on wheels, Dr. Keri meets and treats all creatures, anytime and anywhere!

Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet follows the adventures of Dr. Keri Hudson-Reykdal – a veterinarian who runs a rural vet clinic and also rides the prairie roads with her high-tech mobile clinic on wheels. Set in the breathtaking landscapes of rural Manitoba, where Dr. Keri meets and treats all kinds of creatures, from the most pampered pets to the wildest of animals.

Dr. Keri has dedicated her life to animals – treating them, training them, and riding them. A self-described “work hard, play harder” kind of gal, Dr. Keri’s not your typical country vet. Horses, cattle or a ton and a half-sized bull - if her patients are tough, their owners can even be tougher. In what is often a man’s world, Dr. Keri has earned their respect and their trust.

The series offers a true-to-life perspective on the joys and the heartbreaks of being a country vet. For Dr. Keri, it’s a lifelong labour of love that lies at the heart of her personal mission to provide the best affordable care to every animal.

Joining Dr. Keri in her vet practice and life are her beloved dogs, Siri and Two-Bit, her trusted vet assistant, Laura, and her devoted rancher husband, Calvin, who lend a hand when times get tough. There is also a cast of unique and quirky characters that make up Dr. Keri’s circle of clients and friends: ranchers, hobby farmers, breeders and pet owners.

From dog shows to cattle barns, Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet is an inspired series for animal lovers everywhere.


  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Running Time: 10 x ½ hour
  • Format: HD
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: Yes

Dr. Keri Hudson-Reykdal

Dr. Keri Hudson-Reykdal isn’t your typical country vet. This series follows her as she travels in her mobile clinic to visit patients ranging from pedigree show dogs to angry bulls. Her veterinary practice is a lifelong labour of love that lies at the heart of her personal mission to provide the best possible care to all animals. Set against the breathtaking landscape of the Canadian prairies, this series offers a true-to-life perspective on the joys and heartbreaks of being a travelling vet, following Dr. Keri into the field as she performs all kinds of procedures. Often working long hours, she is on-call 24 hours a day. It’s a lifestyle that would be impossible if not for her longtime assistant Laura, enthusiastic intern Jenna and devoted husband Calvin, always willing to lend a hand.

Calvin Hudson-Reykdal

Laura | Vet Assistant

Production Team

Shereen Jarrett | Showrunner

Merit Jensen Carr | Producer

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