SPRING BREAK BY: Danny valdes

My spring break started off with my family and I going to the store where we ended up buying lots of candy and got groceries on the way to the front of the store.
Then I watched youtube and netflix for most of the weekend because my parents were working and then had to get packing for a trip they were going on the following weekend.
The next day I went to boxing practice and it was sparring day so I was kinda excited but scared. Most of the people I train with are really good at boxing so yeah, can't really do much since they've trained for like years.
I stepped into the ring and was put against my bud Emery and he is pretty good at boxing. The matches lasted 2 minutes and when you're outside the ring, it seems like nothing but when you're in the ring, it's like the longest two minutes of your life. Anyway, we both got an even amount of hits in but then he ended up socking me right in the face because I looked away for a split second. That day I learned that every second counts and that i have nothing to fear because i'm gonna get punched no matter what so yeah, these are things i'll keep in mind for next time.


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