Good Life at the Florida Museum of Natural History By Julianna Chaput

Taken By Julianna Chaput

The Florida Museum of Natural History take visitors on a journey through all aspects of Florida. Tour through fossils and skeletons of Florida's pre-historic inhabitants, then into the lives and culture of the early human settlers, finally make your way into the habitats of current day Florida ecosystems. A trip to the museum isn't complete without a walk through the Butterfly Rainforest and all its amazing creatures. A trip to this museum allows us to the think about the land before and realize how big this world around us truly is.

Taken by Julianna Chaput

Nature on display

When I walked into the Hall of Florida Fossils, I almost had a Dorothy moment of thinking "I'm not in Florida before." When you enter the exhibit, you enter a world of prehistoric Florida. Around you are fossils and skeletons of animals that vary in all sizes. There were so many creatures there, that not only did I not know existed in Florida, but even existed at all. Sometimes I think humans forget that we aren't the biggest creature, and being surrounded by these huge animals was humbling. The fact that the displays were actually fossils of previous creatures was very effective. Imagining the life before humans is hard and with only drawings done by humans, it can be challenging to grasp and believe. With the actual skeletons, it was concrete evidence. It made the idea easier for visitors to believe and get invested in. The exhibit as a whole was breathe taking and completely consumed you into this world the moment you step inside.

Taken by and of Julianna Chaput

Nature and Ethics

My favorite aspect about going to the Florida Museum of Natural History is that the information isn't just shown to you and meant for you to observe. In these exhibits you are taken into the land of Florida and all of the ecosystems that it is home to. I have always felt that when being taught something it is much more effective when I am immersed in the information, rather than just being told or looking at it through glass. The museum allows visitors see all the history of Florida as it was during its time of existence, while bringing us down to size. I felt what Leopold was talking about when I walked through the Butterfly Rainforest. As humans we think of all creatures as guests in our world, but when we go into the Butterfly exhibit, we are going into their home. We are able to realize that Earth is not our place to rule, but a home for every creature. Each of those butterflies are different in color and unique in design, just like humans. Walking through the forest is a journey of realism and humbling. We promote that humans need to treat everyone with the same rights and respect, so why doesn't that count all the creatures on Earth? This planet isn't just our home, but all these animals, and the museum helps to reinstate that.

Taken by and of Julianna Chaput

Nature and the Human Spirit

At the Florida Museum of Natural History we step out of our lives and into lives of past and present Florida inhabitants. Whether it's into the prehistoric time of Dinosaurs and other fossils or into the hut of Natives the worked the land before us. We are thrown into these so we can fully understand and appreciate lives and ecosystems other than our own. We can easily get stuck in our materialistic world, forgetting about all the mysteries and majesties that surround us. By being immersed into these settings, it allows our brains to forget our lives and wonder about those around us. Learning more about the wonders around us, can be humbling and in turn make us learning more about who we are and the way we live. For example, we may never wonder where ideas about how to live or how to govern mass group originate from, but then we go into the Native American's hut and see that there was life and order before what we know today. Anytime we are taken out of our element, it makes us question and make connections with the surroundings, ultimately resulting in self discovery.

Past & present, Animals & humans, all connected


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