My Life in Pictures by: victoria gaudette

My name is Victoria and I am Digital Photography student. I bought a camera from a friend and I am interested in learning more about how to use it.

The photo on the right is the picture that I took for Framing. I got a picture online (pictured here on the right) to try and compare my framing picture to another framing picture.

This is the tin type picture that I completed in class.
TORI. This is my letter project. I used a handle to open a fire hydrant, the wall, a door and the floor all in my school to spell out tori.
This is my before and after picture for my cyanotype. For me to get my cyanotype to look like this, I first added a negative in Photoshop to my original picture. Then, i printed my picture onto translucent paper and then I had to mix chemicals to make a solution to get an ultraviolet color. Then I used a light box to transfer my picture from the translucent paper to the paper i covered in the ultraviolet color.
This is a picture of a kaleidoscope I completed in class of my cat. To do this project, I had to resize the image to 10x8 and then go to canvas size and switch to percent, then click at the top right of the box so my picture when to the top right. After that, i made 3 copies of my image so i could make duplicates and rotate the image to make it a kaleidoscope. Then I used the transform tool and rotated it vertically and horizontally to accomplish this image. I also made sure there were not spaces in between the 4 different images to make it look like one big image.
I decided to add this picture as kind of a description of me. I have been around horses and at the same farm since I was 5 years old and I hope to keep sharing pictures from the farm on here.
These are the 3 photos I chose to post from April vacation. The one on the left and the middle are pictures of my dads dog Samantha. We took these pictures at Buffumville Dam. The picture on the right is from the same day and was taken up the road from Buffumville Dam.
This is also a picture i took over April vacation. This photo was taken as the sun was starting to set so at about 6:30-7:00. This is one of my favorites so far. (this photo was only cropped, no editing has been done otherwise)
For this project, I chose to imitate William Wegman's style which is taking photos of dogs acting/posing like people. This was a hard process for me as well as my dad and his dog, Samantha. We first planned out where we wanted to try and take pictures of her at Buffumville Dam. We first tried to take pictures of her laying down on a fallen tree ( trying to imitate a picture of Wegman's dog ) but we didn't succeed. Then we tried a few more things and we came up with this photo. We decided that having her sit in the passenger seat of my dads car, with his sunglasses on, it would look like she was ready to drive or that she's driving the car by herself. That being sad, we went on and took the photo and it ended up pretty well ( looking like she was imitating a human.). If i could do this over, I would have been a little more creative about where I took the picture and planned it out better.
Action, Monday April 24th. Plant, Wednesday October 11th. Play, Tuesday March 14th. Portrait, Tuesday June 20th. Sadness, Monday February 27th. The Sky, Thursday August 31st. Smiles, Saturday March 4th. Sunset, Thursday April 20th. Water, Thursday August 17th. Zoom Out, Thursday February 23rd.


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