Barichara, La mesa de los santos and San gil are tiny and beautifull towns in Santander. Barichara is the most historical city in Colombia, but San gil is more historical than La mesa de los Santos.
The weather of Barichara is more warm than La mesa de los Santos and San gil. The weather of La Mesa de los Santos is sunny, it's a amazing weather.
The three cities are very touristy, but San gil is the most visit because you can practice any xtreme sports, for example: Jumping, Rafting, climbing and paragliding. You can visit a lot of places!!
The food is very delicious in this places and it represents the culture of Santander. You can eat "hormigas culonas", "Tamal" and "Pepitoria".
The Hotel in Barichara are more bigger than Mesa de los Santos because Barichara have more people and turist places , also the Hotel biggest is in San Gil
The extreme sports are exating and is exactly what it has La mesa de los Santos but San Gil is more extreme than Mesa de los Santos


Angie Jaimes Javier Diaz Mantilla

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