Sumas Lake Should they have Drained it?

Many people have different opinions and perspectives on the draining of the sumas lake.Everyone thought differently about this topic.Lots of people relied on the lake for food,water and even transportation.Other farmers needed more land to grow crops and livestock.An engineer named Fred Sinclair made a plan to drain the lake in 1920s.In 1924 they finally drained the lake.

The government agreed to fund the $1.5 million project it ended up costing them $3.7 million.


There were many good things that came from the draining of the sumas lake.When they drained the lake they had more room for houses and buildings which meant more jobs and people coming in.There was also more room for farmland which many farmers saw appealing so they bought the land.More Farmers means more food and resources which was a big advantage.There are many more advantages but these were the most popular.

They used Sumas lake land for farming


The draining of the sumas lake was a big disadvantage for some like First Nations because they used that lake for food,water and enjoyment so this was a big change for them and most of the First Nations didn't like it.The lake was also very expensive to drain and operate.The lake was also enjoyed by many people some loved swimming in it and others paddled around in canoes or fished.

“There were millions of ducks, geese. The fish would jump right into your canoe there was so many of them, jumping all the time,” says Sumas elder Ray Silver.

My Opinion

In my opionion if that was me living in that time period I would have wanted to keep the lake because I love swimming and fishing.I also wouldhave wanted the lake for it's resorucses like food and water.If that was me growing up on childhood memories of that lake and then it's suddenly drained I would be sad.I would understand that they needed room for farming and crops so I wouldent be to upset.In the end I wouldent really care ethier way because I know that I wouldent have a choice.


In conclusion everyone has different opinions about the draining of the sunmas lake.We all see it in a different light but in the end the lake was drained and most of us couldn't change that.I have given you some ideas and points but now it's up to you you decide should the sumas lake should have been drained?

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