Creating an e-portfolio Using Adobe Spark Page

What is Adobe Spark Page?

Page is part of Adobe's new Spark product

It allows you to easily and quickly create a linear webpage incorporating lots of good looking elements

Adobe will host your page online for free

You can add captions

Can it be an e-portfolio?

Yes, why not? The linear structure lends itself to telling a story. That story is your e-portfolio

Weird spaceman statue

How easy is it to add images?

Simple. Click Add Photo, upload your own or search through Creative Commons licensed content for something appropriate

Inline images

Full width


Behaviour management techniques

Web links

Or you can add inline hyperlinks to sites, like


From YouTube, Vimeo or Spark Video


A range of photos

Or a 'Glideshow'

You can add text overlays

And picture overlays

And embed video for YouTube, Vimeo or Spark Video

And add links to other things (e.g. PDFs saved on OneDrive)

Things to remember

  1. Think about the structure - plan in advance
  2. Don't go overboard with images - they should enhance not overpower
  3. Use it to tell a story


Created with images by markusspiske - "board child school" • Guilherme Jófili - "I did it... twice." • chuckgray - "space astronaut science" • newsong - "teacher back to school learning" • tafferdog - "teacher classroom pens" • skeeze - "military drill instructor instructions" • kwankwan - "KICX3669" • kwankwan - "KICX4467" • kwankwan - "DSCN1346" • kwankwan - "KICX3612" • (vincent desjardins) - "France, Bouches-du-Rhône, Arles, " Amphithéâtre " 80-90 ap JC." • - "Move On Up" • - "Aigues Mortes les remparts battlements photo picture image photography sunset coucher de soleil" • sybarite48 - "Ceaulmont (Indre)." • - " Circuit de Haute Saintonge - GTRS Open Days - 2 mars 2014 - Image Picture Photo" • kwankwan - "DSCN1366" • StartupStockPhotos - "children win success"

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