Description of the site

Brasilia, is the capital created in the centre of the country in 1956. It was a landmark in the history of town making.Brasilia was founded on April 21,1960 it is the new national capital of Brazil. A new city, it was planned by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyerin 1956, urban planners. Their design was to connect the streets to the Brasilia International airport.It also allows it to connect to all of the major Brazilian cities and many international destinations. The city's design divides it into numbered blocks as well as sectors for specified activities, such as the Hotel Sector, the Banking Sector and the Embassy Sector. Oscar Niemeyerin was the chief architect of most public buildings and Roberto Burle Marx was the landscape designer.

The significance of the site

it is important because it is the capital of Brasil. It is also the largest country in South America. Brazil is the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese. The significance of Brasilia was that it represents the new area of Brasil. The area of Brasilia was more protected from sea attacks. In 1890’s it was already the capital, but in 1960 they decided to remodel to create a new and improved image of Brazil.

What if the site is neglected? Why take it off?

If Brasilia was neglected or not protected the image of Brasilia wouldn't look as pretty as it does right now. Brasilia is surrounded by buildings and each of those buildings are one specific color which is a white/ grayish. Since Brasilia is a symbol of the new Brazil, it should be kept in its original condition.

How to visit?

Due to long distances and falling prices in air travel, flying has become a practical way of getting to Brasilia. The city is a national air travel hub, and there should be plenty of flights. Taxis are another convenient means of getting from the airport into the city. They link the airport to the main bus terminal at Rodoviária, from where you can catch buses or the subway to other parts of the city. Another way is by car. Drivers coming from southern and Center-west states will arrive by the Saída Sul entrance. From other states, you'll enter Brasilia by Saída Norte.

Summary on why should people visit and protect Brasilia

It is always important to keep Brasilia and other countries protected. Brasilia is a good place to go visit to go walk around. Did you know that Brasilia is shaped like a giant bird? Brasilia has a number of zones for different sectors and industries. There’s a zone for banking, a zone for commerce, one for healthcare and hosting, parliament buildings and civil service departments. The city of Brasilia situated in the Central Highlands. Brasilia is an entirely planned city and as much of it was built at the same time it has quite a striking look about it. The main structure of the city was completed in just 4 short years and by 1960 President Juscelion Kubitschek was ready to open the doors to further expansion and progression. Many consider Brasilia to be a memorial to his vision and leadership.


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