The Muscular System By Isabella Lindsey and Sami Bowns 8th period

The main function of the Muscular System is movement. The muscles are the only tissue in the body that has the ability to contract. The muscles contracting allow the body to move. Another function of the Muscular system is the maintenance of posture and body position.

Diagram of the Muscular System

What are the major organs in the muscular system?

There are three main organs in the muscular system which are skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, and smooth muscles.

One of the systems that the Muscular System works with is the circulatory system. The Circulatory System brings nutrients throughout the body. It carries hormones to the muscles to help regulate muscular activity. The pump for the circulatory system is the heart, which is also a muscle. Another system it interacts with is the Skeletal System. The skeletal system is covered in muscles that enable us to move. In order to move, the nervous system sends signals to the skeletal muscles to contract. The muscle contractions are what makes us move.

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