Ottoman Empire

Welcome to the Great Ottoman Empire! This is one of the most beautiful ancient areas from the 12th century all the way into the 17th century. You will be pleased by your visit while you learn about all the political, economic, cultural, and religious facts that sculpted the Empire into what it once was. I'm sure that by visiting the ancient Ottoman Empire you will be fascinated and wanting to learn more!

You can first visit the great capital of Turkey, Istanbul and learn about all the political aspects of this vast empire. This was once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople, but it was taken over in 1493 by the Ottoman Empire, renamed Istanbul and made the capital of the Turks. This city has been around for more than 2000 years, serving in a major political role along with an economic role in trade, too!
Next, you can visit the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi! This Mosque was conquered in the 11th century by the Turks. It was first a hospital, but in 1228-1229 it was founded by Emir Ahmet Shah into a Mosque to join the current hospital.
You can also visit the beautiful city of Safranbolu. This city flourished in the 13th century all the way until the decline of the Ottoman Empire and even into the 20th century. Safranbolu's major reason that it flourished was because of the economic importance it had. It was a major city along the Silk Road, the biggest trade route at the time, which allowed it to make a lot of money off of people going through the city looking to trade.

This is the amazing Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens. You may not be amazed by its landscape or its architecture, but this was one of the most important cities in the Great Ottoman Empire. This city supplied much of the water and food, Hevsel Gardens, to surrounding cities which kept the empire in full health. Also, it was one of the center cities throughout the empire, Diyarbakır Fortress, which basically means that it was a major city surrounded by many smaller cities.

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