Canbury School Newsletter 11th DECember 2020. issue 222

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Step forward Canbury and take a bow! We have done it. We’ve made it through our second pandemic term!!!

We have got through this term - our longest term - without a COVID19 case. This has been due to everyone being sensible regarding their hygiene in school and following our COVID19 protocols.

However we must maintain these levels next term just as vigilantly as we are not out of the woods yet. But, whilst we can see light at the end of the tunnel, the vaccines will take a long time for everyone to have it, so we have to be patient, keep calm and carry on!

In the meantime we’ve had a brilliant term and I am very pleased and proud of you all. Everyone has worked hard and I am especially proud of Year 11 undertaking their first set of mock examinations this term.

We have also had a lot of fun this term despite all the restrictions. We've been extremely lucky with the weather for all our games afternoons. We've had numerous enjoyable House pizza parties and charity events like Genes for Jeans day/Children in Need/Christmas jumpers day today. If you forgot to send in your child with their £2 donation, we will gratefully receive it from you in January!

There have been so many House House events throughout this term and especially this week with everyone competing in Christmas Doors, Christmas Crackers, Christmas biscuits and Festive lunchboxes - thank you to Mrs Veacock and Mr Bourgi for all their hard work making these events happen! The photos below will give you a flavour of what fun we've had.

We’ve even had a KS3 Christmas disco and this morning enjoyed the first installment of our Christmas Panto from Yr 7 and Yr 9. Year 8 are going to perform their panto piece on the 22nd January.

Here are the results from our inter house competitions this week.

KS3 Orienteering:

1st place - Noble

2nd place - Johnson

3rd place - Campbell

KS3 Table Tennis

1st place - Noble

2nd place - Campbell

3rd place - Johnson

KS4/5 Table Tennis

1st place - Campbell

2nd place - Johnson

3rd place - Noble

In the overall House Points competition, drum roll please.......3rd, Johnson with 535 HP, 2nd, Nobel with 543 HP and in 1st place, congratulations to Campbell with 601 HP!

So to finish, a HUGE thank you to all our staff, parents and students for making this a fabulous term despite being in the middle of a pandemic!

Finally, the Designated Safeguarding Lead staff, 1st Mrs Rich and 2nd Ms Boggi will be contactable by email throughout the Christmas holiday for safeguarding concerns via the safeguarding@canburyschool.co.uk email. This is for safeguarding only.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas; we are going to have an amazing 2021! School resumes on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Creative Canbury Christmas doors - fabulous and sparkly!

These doors have made us all smile all week! Max affixes the Year 11 door to its place.
Rhian was having WAY too much fun decorating the Year 11 door, which went on to be the eventual winner of the inaugral Christmas Doors at Canbury competition.

KS3 Inter House Orienteering - games lesson at Wimbledon Park.

Logan gets stuck into the map, and Kyrell points to something or someone - Reenie seriously looks like she may have spotted Fr Christmas!

We rounded off Monday with our KS3 disco.

The KS3 disco had all the elements you would expect from such an event - luminous necklaces and bracelets, no fizzy drinks, a handful of moody teenagers who declined to dance with each other and preferred to hang out in the changing rooms (but were soon shooed back into the hall by staff!) and youths on mobile phones.

Canbury Christmas Crackers

Thank goodness we couldn't put poppers in our Christmas crackers - the noise whilst they were being made was surely loud enough!

Yuletide lunch inspection left Ms Clancy hungry for more

Festive Christmas lunch boxes on Wednesday proved a huge hit with the students. Ms Clancy had enormous fun gadding about the hall peering into lunch boxes to decide whose was the most Christmassy! In the event Ms Clancy declared the following winners: Luca, Victor, Alannah, Lucas, Peter, Ollie and Reenie.

Biscuit decorating bonanza - KS3 went first.

There was just no let up from the Christmas festivities - biscuit decorating saw more hundreds and thousands on the floor than the gingerbread men. Still, everyone seemed to be having fun.

But then we let KS4/5 in on the act - they were truly messy!

Ain gets the Newsletter prize for the heaviest laden biscuit (top centre), whilst Armani goes for the 'less is more' approach - top right. Second row down shows careful gingerbread decorating from Alex W. Third row down shows biscuits by Luca, Felix and Jasmina (three plates together) with the last on the right is works of art from Ottilie. The picture on the bottom left is the view into Mrs Rich's office of tranquility (which we just love) and we finish off with a photograph of smiley Jasmina.

Anyone for tea?

Writes Mrs Mascari: "Yesterday I put on a little Christmas party for Ottie and Alannah. They brought in some delicious treats and Ottie made some incredible gluten free and vegan mince pies especially for me - fitting with my dietary requirements - such a thoughtful gift. We played Snatch Santa, pin the heart on the Grinch and Christmas inspired charades whilst listening to Christmas songs - it was so much fun! We invited people along on our festive little journey and it was lovely having them join in on the fun. These girls have worked so hard this year and been through a lot with all that's been going on. They definitely deserved a party! 🎄

We leave you with pictures of this morning at Canbury.

And it's good bye from us! Merry Christmas!