Good Life in Art in the Harn Hannah LAmberg

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

Artwork is often meant to be shown in person, so when one looks at a photo of art on a website or in a catalogue, its meaning and quality may be unclear or reduced, respectively. During my visit at the Harn Museum, I had the opportunity to see many different works of art, many of which sparked my interest. The artwork pictured above really caught my attention because it shows the progression of a volcanic eruption. Seeing this piece in person gave me the opportunity to really SEE the changes happening in front of my eyes, as opposed to zooming in on a picture or turning the page in a catalogue. For this art piece, specifically, it is extremely important to be able to see the individual portraits side-by-side in oder to not only view each photo as its own work, but to be able to see the linear journey that the volcano is experiencing through the art. The artwork made me feel somewhat powerful for some reason. This may be due to the fact that the photos were depicting the eruption of a volcano, and volcanic eruptions are powerful forces of nature. But, I think that there is more to the story, here. I felt like I was seeing a profound change happening before me, as each photo shows the next step in the process of an eruption. The method of progressing photographs is a solid way to show this process.

Design of the Museum

The design of this wing of the museum makes the art pop. This section of the museum implements the use of an open-concept floor plan, which allows all of the pieces of art to be spread out across the room. This layout reminds me of the television network, HDTV. This channel produces programs that emphasize the benefits of different floor plans, and the open-concept plan is extremely popular. This spacial plan makes each piece of art stand out because there is more space between each of the artworks. The large piece that discusses the controversial information of nude pictures of women is the focal point of this section of the museum. Also, because this large poster is backed by a rich yellow color, it pops and catches peoples' eyes. The overall scheme of a large and bright piece of art acting as the focal point, with an open-floor-plan that is surrounded by smaller works of art makes this layout very effective.

Art & Core Values

This piece of artwork represents my core values of determination and vibrance. In a room, I always like to make an impression. I may not have many talents, but most people remember me when I walk into a room because I like to make my presence known-- whether it be positive or negative. The light in this photo is extremely bright and vibrant, which can be representative of a person's ambitious determined personality. The amount of power that it takes to light up a lamp, as shown in the photo, is endless. This mirrors the amount of power it takes for a bird to continue to fly as it flaps its wings. This piece of artwork makes me feel ready to work hard in order to achieve my goals. The bright light of the lamp provides the right amount of vibrance to get people motivated.

Art & the Good Life

This piece of artwork displays the themes of honesty, truth, and innocence in achieving the good life. Being able to stand there, front and center, just being yourself, is an extremely difficult task to achieve. The girl in the photo above does just that, though. The girl is struggling with the fact that she is not perfect, as she is trying to pose like a model. This display of innocence shows that in order to achieve the good life, you need to be honest with yourself and be alright with being innocent. Everyone begins their lives as innocent human-beings, so there is a certain beauty in being pure and fresh. The girl looks somewhat sad because she is trying to act older, despite her obvious innocence. Also, the contrast between the dark forest and her light and bright skin and clothing, respectively, show that this is life-- honesty is a part of life.

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