My World McKenzie Mallory


This is an image of me using my cellphone. It helps me to stay in contact with the people in my life, keep track of school assignments, and reminds me of upcoming dates. It is the device I use the most.


This is one of the computers I use while in school to complete assignments given to me. It allows me to take online classes. Having this technology allows me to expand my materials for learning.


This is my personal laptop. The difference between a laptop and a desktop computer is convenience. The convenience of my laptop allows me to complete any work I need to at any place I want to. It is my greatest tool.


The image above is my microwave. I am always in a hurry in the mornings, so my microwave is my best friend when I want to have a breakfast. It is one of the most convenient appliances in the kitchen.


I am most thankful for my refrigerator. I am a lover of food and an ever greater love of drinks. After a long, difficult day at school, I love to go home and make a nice, refreshing smoothie or milkshake. My fridge is my lifesaver.


My favorite pastime after cooking is watching movies, especially classic horror films. The best device to enjoy these on is, of course, the television. It also allows me to keep updated for upcoming weather and events.

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