Cheetahs how cheetahs survive


Cheetahs have black spots on them, brownish skin,and a little white on the bottom of them. Cheetahs are mostly black and light brown with a few more colors.


Cheetahs have incredible vision that allows them to see details on object up to three miles {5km} away. Ridges in the skin grip the ground as the cheetahs move to hunt.


Cheetahs hunt lots of stuff like antelope, zebras, cape buffalo, gem backs, and other wild cats. Cheetahs eat more too.


A cheetah has the ability to chase prey at a speed up to 70 to 85 miles per hour. No other animal can on earth can run that fast. Cheetahs also can run slow for a very long time.


During the 1800's more than 100,000 cheetahs lived in Africa. Today, that number has been severely reduced perhaps by as much as 93 percent.


A cheetahs powerful heart works hard to supply its muscles with a steady stream of oxygen-rich blood witch allows them to run fast.

Cheetahs are interesting because they are the fastest animal on earth and they are good at hunting!


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