Greece May Term 2019 Episcopal academy

Day 0 - Meet at EA (Middle School Circle) @ 6:30 PM for bus to Newark Airport

Day 1 - We endured long lines at security and a delayed flight, but we made it to Athens and had a great dinner on our roof top terrace with views of the Acropolis!
Day 2 - We hiked to St. George’s chapel, the highest point in Athens. We also viewed the changing of the guards at the parliament building and visited the site of the first modern olympics.
We had an amazing day exploring the ancient ruins of Athens at the Acropolis which included a debate by the students on the merits of bringing the Elgin Marbles back to Athens. The day ended with our boarding the overnight ferry to Crete. It wasn’t a great nights sleep, but we made it to the port city of Heraklion by sunrise.
In Crete, we started the day with a breakfast in the “Lion Square” eating the traditional Greek Pastry called Bougatsa. We then visited the Minoian museum in Heraklion and explored the nearby Palace of Knossos. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of life 4000 years ago on Crete! Later we drove to our mountain side hotel in the town of Anogia. In the early evening, we ventured higher into the mountains to meet with our Shepard hosts for a home cooked meal, amazing mountain views and guitar playing by camp fire.
Day 5, we visited the Potter’s village of Margarites. We learned about the techniques craftsman have used for thousands of years on Crete to make pottery and ceramics. We ended our day in Vafes, a small village in the mountains.
Amazing day in the old town section of Chania. Students purchased food from the farmers market for dinner and explored the eclectic architecture in the city.
Day 7 - we learned the history of the city of Vafes during the Ottoman rule. In 1821 many people were killed in a cave after a failed revolt. Each summer the towns people visit the cave to honor those who died. We cleaned the path and the memorial at the entrance of the cave.
We visited an defunct olive oil production center that is now a museum and a modern center, both in Vafes. In the evening we visited the town church that dates back to the Byzantine era. We were treated to delicious treats.
Our last full day in Greece! We hiked down a gorge, spent town at the beach and visited a local village for a mid afternoon treat.
Goats and Sheep dotted the mountainsides of Crete. Though it looked like they were wild and free to roam about, Evidently, they are all accounted for by various Shepards.