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Kelly Denton - kdentsxo - Section 41 - Journey Log #6 - Ranger - Responsibility

In class this week, we talked a lot about plagiarism and the responsibility that we have to prevent it. The International Center for Academic Integrity is actually on this campus, located in Hardin Hall. According to the ICAI's website, plagiarism is defined as "the practice of using someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own" (ICAI). This is a very broad definition which means in encompasses all types of copying. As students, we have a responsibility to create out own original work or ideas and properly cite situations where we have used someone else's work.

All our lives, we've been told that as we get older, we have to take on more responsibility. They start small and get larger and more complex as we age. Our responsibilities stack on top of each other, hardly ever getting smaller. As a child, we are only responsible for keeping ourselves and other safe on the play ground or being respectful in the classroom. By middle school, we were deemed capable of handling multiple classes and more social situations. In high school, we were given the immense responsibility of handling a car, more class work, and very important life decisions. Finally, all of these things culminate into college where we are living on our own, away from any parental supervision, sometimes states away.

At our age now, there is no way that one can act like they weren't sure they were plagiarizing. The problem is, people know they are doing something wrong such as copying homework, but they do not realize that what they think is a very minor infraction, could actually get them in serious trouble. The concept has been drilled into our heads since the education system thought we were old enough to know better. Some even argue that children should be taught not to copy starting at age eleven (Williams).Every year and every time we go to write a paper, plagiarism is always discussed. Plagiarism is merely a part of the responsibilities that we have as higher education students.

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