Aruban Flag
Aruba is an island of the coast of Venezuela. It's mostly flat with some hills and many rock formations along the beach.
The climate in Aruba is about mid 80s all year long. It's a semi- arid tropical marine climate.
Aruba doesn't really grow anything but they have livestock and export lots of fish.
Sopa de Pompuna is a popular food in Aruba. It's a pumpkin soup.
Keshi Yena is a popular food in Aruba. It's a fried cheese ball stuffed with minced meat.
Cala is another popular food. It's a bean fritter.
Restaurant customs in Aruba are the same in America. A 15% tip is a normal tip.
The Grand Carnival is celebrated in Aruba every year. Carnival Monday is after the carnival when everyone takes a day of rest to recover from the weekend.
Betico Croes Day is on January 25 and it celebrates the birthday of the late leader Gelbirto Francois.

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