Friday, February 21, 2020

Opening Night: THE BIG BANG - (8-10 pm)

We open our second year the only way we know how, with a bang! This program will provide thought-provoking shorts, sure to make you laugh, cry and everything in between.

Shred the Master Design

(Dir: Ryan Stevens Harris)

An analog tech-fetish industrial ballet shot on expired 35mm film stock featuring the performance artist Nova.

Music Video | Run time: 5:59


(Dir / Writer: Malakai; Producer: Anna Hashmi)

When Hattie, a 60-year-old ex-NASA scientist develops Alzheimers, her daughter-in-law and granddaughter Kai are left with the remnants of who she once was.

Narrative Sci-Fi | Run time: 16:20


(Dir / Producer: Alex Vivian)

Cheuk Ting is one of Hong Kong's rising basketball stars, yet her drive to succeed must be balanced with the reality of an under-resourced sport for female players.

Documentary | Run Time: 3:00

Little Italy - Viral

(Dir / Writer: Adriano Valentini; Producer: Aaron Colom)

"Little Italy, Los Angeles" follows the interconnected lives of the community's diverse residents, led by its last Italian, Frank the Barber, as they learn to adapt to its' inevitable transformation.

Digital Series: Comedy | Run Time: 12:45

Frank Embree

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Skinner Myles)

Frank Embree. 9:55AM. Fayette, Missouri. July 22nd, 1899.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 7:26

Kokokids of Paris

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Alexia Colette)

Lou-Ann, a shy 6 year old, meets the smart and witty Chaya, 8, at a park in Paris. However as their young friendship blossoms, it is put to the test as they face the harsh and unseen reality surrounding their lives and that of more and more kids in Paris.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 14:15

The Last Rodriguez

(Dir: Tania Luna; Writer / Producer: Brian Luna, Tania Luna)

Meet Ben Rodriguez. He's almost 40. He lives at home. And his mom thinks it's time for him to find true love so he can get married, so he can have kids, so he does not become... The Last Rodriguez. It's never too late for a coming of age story.

Digital Series: Comedy | Run Time: 15:00

Baby Steps

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Eric A. Dyson)

Every year on the anniversary of his fathers suicide, Kenny's battle with depression pushes him in the same direction.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 22:00

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Stories told from students or first time filmmakers who share their perspective of society and the world we live in today.

Madeline Monday

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Josiah D. Bradley)

Madeline just found out she’s autistic.

Digital Talk | Run Time: 4:30

Academic Super Squad

(Dir / Writer: Taylor Gates; Producer: Benj Bermudez)

After landing herself in trouble once again, a rebellious high school senior must face her most brutal consequence yet: being forced to join the academic decathlon team.

Student Comedy | Run Time: 9:56

Heart Eyes

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Michea Bryant)

A high school student with Down’s Syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date to the Valentine’s Day dance. In the process, she teaches everyone around her a valuable lesson about love and forgiveness.

Student Drama | Run Time: 6:32

Serial Killer Superstar

(Dir / Writer: Joseph Picozzi; Producer: Lida Nasseri)

A beaten-down actor in Los Angeles sets his sights on becoming a serial killer after his favorite ice cream is discontinued.

Student Comedy | Run Time: 5:55

Latasha Harlins: A Rose That Grew From the Concrete

(Dir / Writer: Shannon Dion; Producer: Kaicey Chae)

The story of Latasha Harlins, a mild-tempered 15-year-old girl from South Central, struggles to find herself in a world where she must overcome the tragedy and heart breaks of the past.

Student Drama | Run Time: 23:27


(Dir / Writer: Dilek Ince; Producer: David Arabyan)

During the conflict in Syria, a little girl named Amal loses everything in the war. Mary, an American doctor takes her under her wings and they both struggle to find a home in America.

Student Drama | Run Time: 15:00


The shorts in this program showcase characters who are confronted by issues of the past, or work hard not to bring their past into the present.

An Aspirational Space

(Dir / Writer: GG Hawkins; Producer: Kyle Scott

After her relationship abruptly ends, a woman isolates herself in a new apartment in an attempt to rebuild her life. Her sister recommends a popular self-help guide that focuses on organizing, tidying, and simplifying life. As she falls deeper into the world of the book, nothing can stop her as she attempts to obtain and maintain An Aspirational Space.

Narrative Dramedy | Run Time: 7:59


(Dir / Writer: Leena Pendharkar; Producer: Reen Dutt)

Rakhi Singh has recently put her mom, Uma Singh, into a “care center” after exploring other options for her Alzheimer's Disease. When her mother disappears, she finds her lost in a moment from the past, paving the way for a solution. It’s not an easy one, but it’s something.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 12:42


(Dir: Paul C Urciolli; Writer: Scott Organ; Producer: Julie Cohn, Ceclia Tripp)

Two women share an alarming encounter on a running trail that forces both of them to confront the fallout over events in their past.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 15:00


(Dir: Princess Garrett; Writer: Sarah Harris; Producer: Deanna Starr)

By exploring the complexities of mental slavery, Sankofa calls it’s audience to free themselves from the system in which they were born.

Student Documentary | Run Time: 27:53


Filled with suspense and fear, you never know what darkness lies around the corner... or within.

Road Kill

(Dir: Tyrone Trullinger; Writer: Chamblee Smith: Producer: Olivia Dahan)

An innocent road trip takes a sinister turn when two young women and the hitchhiker they’ve picked up along the way are forced to stop at a roadside motel.

Narrative Thriller | Run Time: 12:31


(Dir / Writer: Menu’ette Silver; Producer: Kaelan Laurence)

Thirteen-year-old Trinity is bound by the idea of the rope, which was used to bound her up in a failed attempted kidnapping. She is haunted by this object and, by proxy, a mysterious female cult.

Student Narrative Thriller | Run Time: 6:56

Village of the Gramned

(Dir: Joanna DeLane, JP Leigh; Writer / Producer: Joanna DeLane)

Getting that Insta-worthy selfie can turn into a real nightmare!

Micro-short | Run Time: 1:15


(Dir / Producer: Marcus Wall)

Two people performing a behavioural study of cats by using video documentation. They film around the clock, and soon strange things start to happen.

Narrative Thriller | Run Time: 10:53


(Dir / Producer: Elyes Gable; Writer: Cottrell Guidry)

Two men..One battling addiction, the other his past, mend their broken relationship over a game of chess.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 17:51


You won't go wrong by swiping right on these films that center around what the heart wants.


(Dir / Writer: Amy Aniobi; Producer: Ceylan Carhoglu)

Honeymoon tells the story of a newlywed couple on their first night together, made all the more awkward, romantic and honest, because they only just met.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 14:40

A First

(Dir: Melissa Dowler)

In the summer of 1994, 14-year old Nisha is determined to help her best friend Darlene get ready for her first kiss. But as they consult Teen Beat and the Kama Sutra for guidance, complicated feelings emerge.

Narrative Rom-Com | Run Time: 11:39


(Dir / Writer: Jay Snow; Producer: Vita Esperanca Amore)

An LA Comic is forced to come clean about his terminal illness after his condition is severely triggered while hooking up with his girlfriend for the first time.

Narrative Dramedy | Run Time: 16:54

The Get Together

(Dir / Writer: Caitlin Dahl; Producer: Melinda Dahl)

A casual dinner party becomes an evening of confusion, upheaval, and revelation when two couples unknowingly eat pot fudge while planning the wedding of their children.

Narrative Comedy | Run Time: 12:36

LOCKED & LOADED (3:35 pm)

Guns, and swords, and blood. Oh my! This shorts program introduces us to imaginations of worlds far away and realities right down the street.


(Dir / Producer: Tammy Sanchez)

This audio visual leads the viewers and listeners through the heart-rendering journey of an LGBT Caribbean American woman, experiencing some of the most crucial curve balls life has to offer, all in one life changing summer.

Music Video | Run Time: 6:00


(Dir / Writer / Producer: Andrew Lloyd Preston)

Mr. Green, is unaware that his seemingly normal day will take a turn for the worse, to most people. For him, it is the revelation that most of the thoughts that he has about being more are not just true in theory. The question is if he is up for the journey, because it could cost him his new life.

Narrative Action | Run Time: 7:00

MINO: A Diasporic Myth

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Ashunda Norris)

In the utopic haven of Biamara, a coven of Black womyn who can conceive without men must consider denouncing one of their own when she chooses to defy the all female code and self produce a male child.

Narrative Sci-Fi | Run Time: 18:36

Blind Date

(Dir / Writer / Producer: David Schumann)

A first date between Gloria and Nick takes an unexpected turn when he begins to suspect that their lives could be in danger.

Narrative Action | Run Time: 12:03

Hasaki Ya Suda

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Cedric Ido)

It is 2100. In the world engulfed in chaos and war whose residents are consumed by terrible hunger, the last fertile land became the subject of fierce battles.

Narrative Sci-fi | Run Time: 25:00


The road to success is filled with trials and failure... But what happens when you refuse to give up?


(Dir: Christopher & William Derrick; Producer: Jazmen Darnell Brown; Writer: Jean-Pierre Chapoteau)

Ambitious underdog, Darnel, will go to great lengths to obtain respect. But he may lose more than that when he takes on notorious battle rapper Yung Ammo.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 7:31

This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours

(Dir / Writer: Melvin Jackson Jr.; Producer: Latika Sye)

Actor Melvin Jackson Jr lands the role of a lifetime to portray Eddie Murphy in his biopic.

Digital Series: Comedy | Run Time: 6:29

Fall to Fame

(Dir: Brian Sutow, Jessie Mills; Writer: Jacob Seidman; Producer: Matthew Lynn)

Following his first Grammy nomination, a young, gay rockstar is confronted with the painful price of his ambition.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 9:00

The Spot is Mine

(Dir: Travis Blackwell; Writers: Benjamin Abiola, Richard Cannon)

Two strangers encounter each other through a heated dispute, the comical turn of events reveals that they may have more in common than expected.

Narrative Comedy | Run Time: 6:16


(Dir / Writer / Producer: Karlton Clay)

This story follows the story of Woodrow “Wood” Sanders, a former Hollywood star, who is struggling to work his way back into the spotlight.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 14:00

A Dog's Story

(Dir: Jill D’Agnenica; Writer: Margaret Adachi; Producer: Guido Frenzel)

It’s hard to be a dog these days.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 7:34


Documentaries that aim to change your perspective of the world and enlighten the way we view our differences.


(Dir: Rippin Sindher; Writer: Kenzie Woodrow; Producer: Gurinder Sindher)

Building community and the Sikh identity through selfless service.

Documentary | Run Time: 15:45

Walking on Water: A Brief History

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Rhasaan Nichols)

Community activists help Black + Brown Los Angeles youth reclaim their heritage at the beach-- through the power of surfing.

Documentary | Run Time: 12:10


(Dir / Writer: Iiris Härmä / Producer: Visa Koiso-Kanttila)

What is behind a sexrobots head? This era is fascinating when we have technologies to create brains for dolls. But what kind of questions will it raise? Meet the master behind sex robots brains - Sergi Santos.

Documentary | Run Time: 7:46

Selling Lies

(Dir: Leslie Iwerks)

In 2016, hundreds of Macedonian teenagers discovered a digital gold rush by spreading fake political news on Facebook. This rare glimpse inside the secret network unveils the truth behind the lies and reveals the dramatic impact on America and the U.S. presidential election.

Documentary | Run Time: 30:45


Some walls are meant to be destroyed, not built. This program will explore the physical and emotional roadblocks that hold us back.

Heaven + Hennessy

(Dir / Writer: Jimi Stone; Producer: Nana Opong)

A story of choices. Based on a common duality faced amongst young black men growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

Music Video | Run Time: 3:49

Black Boy Joy

(Dir: Martina Lee; Writer: Michelle Sam; Producer: Nasir Kenneth Ferebee)

Black Boy Joy is an introspective slice of life story about two generations of Black men, living within the same household, juggling the demands of raising a young son with autism. They all struggle to adapt to their new normal after the death of a loved one.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 17:31

Are You Volleyball

(Dir: Mohammad Bahkshi; Producer: Nima Rabiei)

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive at an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers every day until a deaf-mute child becomes a catalyst for better communication between both groups.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 15:00

La Ramona

(Dir / Writer / Producer: Antonio de Jesus Sanchez)

Ramona a 16-year-old Mexican girl, will have to face her reality after she is sold into the world of human trafficking.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 24:56

Reclamation: The Rise at Standing Rock

(Dir / Producer: Michele Noble)

At Standing Rock in 2016 from the spring through the harsh winter the Native youth unite the Native Nations for the first time in 150 years to rise up in spiritual solidarity for Unci Maka (Mother Earth) to fight against the 3.8 billion dollar Dakota Access Oil Pipeline (DAPL).

Documentary | Run Time: 22:57


Hide ya kids, hide ya wife. And if all else fails, resort to Plan B. Matters of sex aren't always what they appear to be.

Coffee in the Morning

(Dir: Renee “iironic” Wootson / Cocoa Sarai; Writer / Producer: Tia Syrie)

This video’s purpose is to highlight the ART in blackness, the Beauty in men and women across the Diaspora. The concept for “Coffee In The Morning” is for the video to be paused at any point and look like a portrait.

Music Video | Run Time: 2:45


(Dir / Writer / Producer: Sonia Machado Hines)

To bring Egypt into a Golden Age, Pharaoh Hatshepsut, a woman, publicly appeared, and fought as a man - but loved as a woman. A true tale of love and courage despite everything.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 25:27

Strange Therapy

(Dir: Robert Burgos; Writer: Diane Robin; Producer: Davide Reali)

Dr. Sophia loses her therapist license for sleeping with one of her patients. She continues to practice, and now can tell people what she really thinks.

Digital Series: Comedy | Run Time: 6:00

Speed Date Inn

(Dir: Will Raee; Writer: Reza Breakstone; Producer: Maggie Parto)

Falling in love is never easy, especially if you're looking in all the wrong places. Sarah a Romance Novelist is about to give up on love when her friend pushes her to Speed Dating.

Narrative Rom-Com | Run Time: 18:53

Poz Roz

(Dir / Writer: Carlton Jordan; Producer: Angela Burris)

We meet Roz the night she is diagnosed with HIV. This changes Roz’s already off-course life - throwing her world into a frenzy that challenges everything she ever thought was true, pure, and reliable in her entire life.

Digital Series: Comedy | Run Time: 14:12


In this program of films, you must be the change that you're so desperately hoping for.


(Dir / Writer: Marshall Tyler; Producer: Moira Griffin)

15 year-old Manny Bennitt learns the hard way the price of being cool.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 16:47

Not A Gun

(Creative Dir: Anthony O’Neill)

Unconscious bias forces someone to see something that’s not there.

Micro-short | Run Time: 1:30


(Dir / Writer: Emilie McDonald; Producer: Lindsey Cordero)

Jo-Jo, a 15 year-old Mexican-American boy who lives with his street vendor single mother and little sister in Brooklyn. He breakdances with a crew and dreams of being “the illest” b-boy in the world, but a local gangster attempts to lure him away.

Narrative Drama | Run Time: 13:00

St. Louis Superman

(Dir / Producer: Smriti Mundhra, Sami Khan)

Bruce Franks Jr. is a 33-year-old battle rapper, Ferguson activist and state representative from St. Louis, Missouri. Known as Superman to his constituents, he is a political figure the likes of which you've never never seen — full of contradictions and deep insights, who has overcome unspeakable loss to become one of the most exciting and unapologetic young leaders in the country.

Documentary | Run Time: 28:00


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