NSW DoE MyPL REGISTRATION closed at 5pm June 22nd.

Non NSW DoE Schools / Teachers may still register using the link below. NSW DoE staff can still register via this link also (PCARD), but not MyPL as journalling is already done. If you need help please call Paul Taylor on 0437492584.

Approximately 500 staff from 112 schools are enrolled for this event.

A google form was emailed to participants Sat/Sun 28th/29th July so participants could select the workshops of their choice. 20+ workshop providers and 40+ workshops. This form closed Friday 10th August.

Workshop selections have now been completed. Details of workshops selected by participants is available on a pdf file via the link below.

Follow the #iOTF5 to stay up to date with all announcements and details as the event gets closer.

Following on from an incredible iOnTheFuture4 lineup with Ron Berger, Eric Mazur, Dean Shareski, Michael Priddis and Kevin Honeycutt, ionthefuture brings you another world class lineup for a 2018 return. Watch the 4 min iOTF4 review for a taste.


‘Into The Deep’

Saturday August 25th 2018

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’ - a brief snapshot:

  • Confirm the the latest developments with the automation and impact of AI on the workplace from industry expert and Faethm CEO Michael Priddis
  • Learn first hand from Mark Scott NSW DoE Education Secretary about NSW Public Schools’ directions and response to this rapidly developing issue
  • Discover how High Tech High CEO/Founder Larry Rosenstock has led global innovation in schools and enabled his staff to empower HTH students to lead and fuel their learning and growth through rich, deep project based learning
  • Learn of the magnificent work Expeditionary Learning leads in developing future ready citizens via powerful student ownership of (Student-led assessment) and purpose for (authentic projects) learning - across 150 US schools from EL Director of Publications Libby Woodfin
  • Choose from dozens of rich workshops (3x rounds) focusing on learning design, student-led assessment, project based learning, STEM, collaborative practice, school design, robotics, development of student character, to name a few
  • Hear how Expeditionary Learning’s Deeper Learning approach in Chicago’s challenging Westside has inspired children to lead community change with EL Education Leader of the Year - Polaris Charter Academy Principal Michelle Navarre. An incredible story like none other ...
  • Conclude your day with inspiring words from EL Education's former Managing Director of Professional Learning Cyndi Gueswel. Cyndi will remind us of what Deeper Learning looks like and why we must help all of our kids to invest in themselves, their learning, the learning of their peers so that together they may make the world a better place.
From Top. Michelle Navarre, Michael Priddis, Mark Scott, Larry Rosenstock, Libby Woodfin and Cindi Gueswel.

iOnTheFuture5 'Into The Deep' is scheduled for Sat August 25th 2018. Participants will be inspired with keynotes and presentations from Larry Rosenstock, Mark Scott, Libby Woodfin, Cindi Gueswel, Michelle Navarre and Michael Priddis.

These incredible educators and leaders at the forefront of Deeper Learning and Industry Innovation together form what is arguably among the best lineups of any education event in Australia in 2018.

Is this the standout opportunity to develop your knowledge of Deeper Learning in Australia in 2018?

NSW DoE 'Future Frontiers Discussion Paper 2 Opportunities and Challenges for Education'

pg7 of the report states .... 'A study by the American Institutes for Research found that students attending a network of schools focused on deeper understanding of academic content and applying that understanding to novel problems and situations (known as ‘Deeper Learning’) had better outcomes in PISA, were more likely to graduate from high school on time and enrol in higher education (Bitter et al 2015).'

What is Deeper Learning?

Deeper Learning is the pedagogy driving effective Future Focused Learning. While technology and flexible learning spaces can act as tools to enhance FFL, it is the pedagogy - the design of learning that we must focus most of our attention on.

Deeper Learning experiences assist learners to develop skills in the six competency areas listed below. Deeper Learning involves the transfer of knowledge and skills from one situation/ context and apply it to another.

Deeper Learning competencies:

  • Content Mastery
  • Effective communication
  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Self Directed Learning
  • Academic Mindset

Deep not shallow.

The 10 US Deeper Learning Networks ....

  • High Tech High
  • New Tech Network
  • Expeditionary Learning
  • Envision Schools
  • Internationals Network for Public Schools
  • New Visions for Public Schools
  • ConnectEd / Linked Learning
  • Edvisions
  • New Picture Learning
  • Asia Society International Studies Schools Network
iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’ Speakers

Larry Rosenstock - CEO High Tech High

High Tech High CEO Larry Rosenstock

Keynote Speaker 1.

Larry Rosenstock CEO HTH

Larry Rosenstock, J.D., M.Ed, L.H.D, is President of the HTH Graduate School of Education as well as a core faculty member. He is also CEO and founding principal of High Tech High, a network of twelve K-12 public charter schools in California.

Larry taught carpentry in urban high schools in Boston and Cambridge and was principal of the Rindge School of Technical Arts, and of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

A member of the Massachusetts and U.S. Supreme Court Bars, he served as an attorney at the Harvard Center for Law and Education, and served as lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley School of Education.

Larry directed the federal New Urban High School Project, and was president of the Price Charitable Fund. He is a winner of the Ford Foundation Innovations in State and Local Government Award, an Ashoka Fellow, and recipient of the McGraw Prize in Education.

Larry is without doubt one of the world’s great educational leaders and a founding driving force of Deeper Learning in the US; providing inspiration and practical thinking for how we can help our kids own and develop purpose for learning to go deep.

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Mark Scott AO - Secretary NSW Department of Education

Mark Scott AO - Secretary, NSW Department of Education

Keynote Speaker 2.

Mark Scott Secretary, NSW Department of Education

Mark Scott AO is the Secretary of the NSW Department of Education and has a distinguished record in public service, education and the media. The department is the largest education system in Australia, operating 2,200 public schools for almost 800,000 students.

Mark’s career began as a teacher in Sydney. He built on his interest in education with senior policy and leadership positions with two NSW education ministers, Terry Metherell and Virginia Chadwick.

Mark held a number of senior editorial roles at Fairfax, including Education Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and Editor-in-Chief of metropolitan, regional and community newspapers.

From 2006 to 2016, Mark was Managing Director of the ABC and led the organisation’s transformation to be a public broadcaster in the digital era. Over that time, the ABC created new services like iview, News 24, ABC3 and digital radio; and expanded online and mobile services, such as podcasting and ABC News online.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma of Education and a Master of Arts from the University of Sydney; and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.

Mark was named an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2011. He has also been awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Sydney, University of NSW and University of Technology Sydney.

'....as we know, there is no other profession that needs to have its eyes more fixed on the future than education.' Mark Scott.

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Libby Woodfin - Director of Publications Expeditionary Learning

Libby Woodfin Director of Publications Expeditionary Learning

Keynote Speaker 3.

Libby Woodfin - Director Publications EL

A link through to the EL website. Set aside 12 months to visit all resources.

This hour long radio documentary provides important insight into the history - the depth - of the work at EL. A remarkable insight.

Ron Berger introduction to 'Leaders of Their Own Learning' - coauthored by Libby Woodfin

Ron Berger introduction to 'Learning That Lasts' - coauthored by Libby Woodfin

Libby Woodfin started her career as a fifth and sixth grade teacher at the original lab school for the Responsive Classroom in Greenfield Massachusetts, and went on later to become a counselor at a large comprehensive high school. Libby joined EL Education in 2007 and has written articles, chapters and books about important issues in education.

Libby has co-authored several books with Ron Berger including ‘Learning that Lasts; Engaging and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction’, ‘Leaders of Their Own Learning; Transforming Schools through Student Engaged Assessment.’

Libby has also authored ‘Transformational Literacy; Making The Common Core Shift with Work that Matters’, ‘Management In the Active Classroom’ and ‘Familiar Ground; Traditions that Build School Community.’

Libby was named as the recipient of The Brooks Thomas award in 2014. This award was established in 2010 by the EL Board of Directors to honor staff excellence. Libby was recognized for exemplifying the qualities and character of EL’s founding trustees and illustrating the organization’s commitment to serve as “crew, not passengers.”

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Keynote Speaker 4.

Cyndi Gueswel - Fmr Managing Director Professional Learning EL Education, USA

Cyndi Gueswel - Former Managing Director Professional Learning EL Education, USA

Cyndi Gueswel is now an independent International Education and Leadership Consultant

Cyndi lives in Loveland, Colorado, USA and has been involved in education for 30 years.

For the first 15 years of her career, Cyndi was a teacher of students ranging from ages 11-15. Though Cyndi primarily taught English Language Arts, she also taught some Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Leadership courses too. Cyndi also worked as a Library Media Specialist and Instructional Coach in these years.

In the second half of her career, Cyndi worked with EL Education, a progressive non-profit organization serving schools across the U.S. who are interested in broadening the definition of achievement to include character and the creation of high-quality work, as well as academics.

EL Education's work centres on a project-based learning model that is part of the Deeper Learning movement.

Cyndi has played many different roles in EL, including overseeing the professional learning and resources of the entire organisation across the country. Cyndi's greatest area of passion is inspiring students to be leaders of their own learning.

Cyndi played a significant role in developing EL’s materials and professional learning in this realm. Cyndi brings an in-depth knowledge of teaching, learning, and human development to her work. Most recently, Cyndi served as an executive leader at EL Education.

At EL Education Cyndi led the professional development arm of the organization and supported educators and organizational leaders across all EL schools across the country. Also in this role Cyndi was the organiser of the annual 1200 strong internationally renowned EL National Conference.

As EL Education Managing Director of Professional Learning Cyndi led the EL National Conference for a number of years. 1200 teachers attended her final event in Chicago in November 2017.

Cyndi believes that people want to collaborate with others who are not just knowledgeable, but who also move through the world with presence and integrity while they create work that sings of quality.

Cyndi was a driving force behind EL Education's 'Leaders of Their Own Learning' and recently led the publication of EL Education's brand new publication 'There Is More in Us Than We Know.'

Cyndi lives in Loveland, Colorado USA with her husband, Bruce, and their two terriers. When not immersed in learning with others, Cyndi can be found in a yoga studio, boating, trekking about in nature, deep in a good book, or cooking up something new in the kitchen while listening to a wide range of eclectic music.

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Keynote Speaker 5.

Michelle Navarre - Head of School, Polaris Charter Academy Chicago

Michelle Navarre - Head of School Polaris Charter Chicago

Michelle Navarre, Head of School, is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of Polaris Charter Academy’s teachers and teaching assistants; she oversees the design of curriculum, manages school discipline, and collaborates with parents to help foster their children’s learning and development.

In 2017 Michelle was named as the recipient of the The Silverberg Leadership Award, created by EL Education Board Member Irwin Silverberg. This award given to an exemplary EL school leader who has raised student achievement through deep implementation of EL Education practices. Michelle received her award in front of 1200 colleagues from the 150+ EL schools from across the US in October at the EL National Conference.

After working in a museum and an art gallery in Chicago, she began her path to teaching through the alternative certification program of Teachers for Chicago (1999). Before founding Polaris Charter Academy with her colleagues Ms. Kwock and Mr. Vivit, Ms. Navarre taught fifth grade for seven years at Harold Washington Elementary School, a Chicago Public School on the city’s South Side. In 2003, she received National Board Certification as a middle childhood generalist, and she participated in the New Leaders for New Schools program, a national principal preparation program (2006 –2007).

Ms. Navarre is a recipient of the prestigious Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching (2005) and was a four-year Rochelle Lee Teacher Award recipient (2000 –2004). Serving as both a program participant and volunteer for over nine years, Ms. Navarre is actively involved with Boundless Readers (formerly Rochelle Lee Fund), a collaborative peer network and literacy organization for urban educators that promotes lifelong readers.

Compassion, explorer, active citizen ... there's no escaping it at Polaris

Committed to fostering new educators, she has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the School of Education at Roosevelt University. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Columbia College Chicago, Ms. Navarre received two master’s degrees, one from Roosevelt University in Elementary Education and one from National Louis University in Administration and Supervision. Ms. Navarre has boundless love for her two children as well as her niece and two nephews.

She is passionate about reading, woodworking, and Nina Simone, and she loves to sing along to musicals, especially Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady.

Polaris Peacekeepers of Chicago Project

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Keynote Speaker 6.

Michael Priddis - CEO / Founder Faethm AI

Michael Priddis - CEO Faethm AI

Michael is CEO of Faethm, an R&D firm that helps companies and governments to prosper from emerging technologies, particularly AI, robotics and advanced materials.

Faethm builds applications of new technologies in collaboration with R&D labs and industry partners, and develops strategic and policy responses to navigate the economic and social implications of technology-driven change.

Examples include Tandem, a product to help navigate the automation of work, and R&D programmes underway that are developing breakthrough technologies for cancer diagnosis, surgery, and energy production.

Michael founded Faethm in early 2016, before which he was a Partner at The Boston Consulting Group and founding Managing Director, Asia of BCG’s innovation and product development practice, Digital Ventures. Michael led the set-up and scaling of BCG DV across Asia as a member of the Global Executive Team, as well as building disruptive new products and businesses for clients across the region.

Before joining BCG Michael founded and was CEO of S&C, an award-winning product design and development company, which was the 19th fastest growing company in Australia in 2012, shortly before it was acquired by BCG.

'The timeframe for AI and Automation is now ....' Michael Priddis

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

iOTF5 'Into The Deep'

GOLD Supporters

GOLD Sponsor - $5000
GOLD Sponsor - $5000
GOLD Sponsor - $5000
GOLD Sponsor - $5000
The School Photographer - GOLD Sponsor $5000

SILVER Supporters

SILVER Sponsor $2500
SILVER Sponsor - $2500
SILVER Sponsor $2500
Canvas SILVER Sponsor $2500
Seven Steps to Writing Success SILVER Sponsor $2500
Training 24/7 SILVER Sponsor $2500
Abax Kingfisher Furniture - SILVER Sponsor $2500
Swivl - SILVER Sponsorship - $2500
3P Learning - SILVER Sponsorship - $2500

iOTF5 'Wall Of Excellence' Exhibition of Learning

This year all participating schools are encouraged to participate in the first of its kind iOTF Exhibition of Learning.

This very special component of our day will provide an opportunity for participating schools to share their vision with the iOTF community of what 'quality student work' looks like.

Schools contributing at least one quality student work sample to this exhibition, will qualify to to be considered for the FREE pre-conference 'EL Edn Deep Dive' Friday 24th August and also for a 10% discount for all teachers from your school to iOTF6 'Into The Deep Too' scheduled for Saturday August 10th 2019. We hope to make an announcement re: speakers at iOTF5!

Full details of the iOTF 'Wall of Excellence' exhibition of learning can be found at www.wallofexcellence.com - just click the link below.

Friday Evening Showing of 'MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED'

Planning to make a weekend of it? iOnTheFuture has another free event for you.

MLTS is an award winning documentary film of Larry Rosenstock's High Tech High. The film will be shown on our giant outdoor cinema on Friday evening. This film is not available in cinemas and can only be shown by approved schools / organisations.

Where? Salt Village Common, Kingscliff Friday 24th August 6.30 - 9pm.

Who? Teachers, parents, kids, everyone.

Cost? Free.

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

iOTF5 Conference Workshops

We are building an incredible lineup of workshop providers. Watch this space ....

iOTF5 ‘Into The Deep’

Conference Location Announced!!!

Organising Committee - iOTF5 'Into The Deep' will be staged by a committee of dedicated teachers and SASS staff from Banora Point PS, Banora High School and Centaur PS.

Conference Location

Banora Point HS and Centaur PS - two schools next door to each other with outstanding facilities for iOnTheFuture5 'Into The Deep'

Banora Point High School / Centaur Public School Twin Sites

Banora Point HS and Centaur PS - two schools next door to each other with outstanding facilities for iOnTheFuture5 'Into The Deep'

Two schools adjacent = Two halls = twin keynote spaces and dozens of workshop spaces. Holding the event on-site in a NSW Public School keeps your ticket cost down and our collective focus grounded.

Participants staying at Salt Village Friday night will be provided free transport to and from conference.

Accommodation / Transport

Need accommodation? Look no further than Salt Village Resorts. Free buses will pick you up from the resort and deliver you to and from the conference on the Saturday. A full range of restaurants await your Friday and Saturday evening.

Free Airport Transfers for groups of 5 or more

School groups of 5 or more flying into GC Airport- we will provide free buses from the airport to Salt Village on Friday evening from 4pm - 9pm and return to GC Airport Sunday morning.

You've made the effort to be with us; let us help you.

Why not fly in (GC Airport) Friday evening after work?

With the event scheduled for a Saturday, there are ...

...no casual supply costs for schools hurting the bottom line.

Local North Coast schools - why not bring forward a School Development Day and bring a whole staff of 25 for less than $9k or 50 for $18k?

What a great way to deploy RAM funds to empower learners at your school...... your teachers face to face with the best of the best.

Salt Village Resorts, Kingscliff

Tough it out for a couple of days at Peppers Kingscliff
Mantra Resort Salt Village - take a break from school and recharge
iOTF5 'Into The Deep'

Registration Details

Principals serious about registration of whole school groups should contact

paul.d.taylor@det.nsw.edu.au or joanna.henderson@det.nsw.edu.au

$350 each / $340 for 10 or more (ex gst)

iOTF5 'Into The Deep' carries NESA Registered Professional Development Status

Brisbane - just a little over an hour in the car ..

Cheap Flights are available from all over Australia to the Gold Coast Airport with Tiger, Jetstar and Qantas. Air Asia flies direct from Kuala Lumpur, Air New Zealand has multiple direct flights from a range of locations and Scoot has direct flights from Singapore. Direct flights are also now available from Hong Kong. Taxi / Uber from airport to accommodation in Tweed Resorts is inexpensive.

For more information on the conference contact ionthefutureconference@gmail.com

This Adobe Spark Page will be updated with registration details soon.

If you have sponsorship inquiries please contact Paul / Joanna / Karin via ionthefuture@gmail.com . 4 x Gold (Speaking) @ $5000 and 8 x Silver packages @ $2500 available only.

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